The Roca show their sustainability and make chocolate fly

Madrid Fusión Alimentos de España 2021 is about sustainability and circular gastronomy, and few restaurants in the world fulfill both precepts better than El Celler de Can Roca. Joan Roca has gone up to the main stage of the congress this Monday accompanied by his brother Jordi to show environmental muscle and present new projects and related dishes: a sequence of starters, a clothing brand and a dessert that flies from the «best cocoa in the world ». It was time for El Celler de Can Roca.

“Due to the theme of the edition, we first wanted to review the path we have followed in terms of sustainability and use,” began Roca, United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Sustainable Development Goals. And it has been shelving the projects followed in this line, to recover the products of its area, to improve the direct relationship with local suppliers, for the conservation of the landscape or to sustainably improve neighboring plots: cleaning products without footprint, sustainable fishing, use of electric vehicles, efficient air conditioning, LED technology, integrated water use, selective waste or that which has to do with converting excess oil into biodiesel.

“They are more or less easy actions and that make us more sustainable,” he commented. The last step on this path had to do with the wardrobe: Recycle Clothes. A project by which they convert the little plastic that enters the restaurant into the work clothes of the entire staff.

The logic of circular economy continues in El Celler in what is seen on the plate. In Madrid Fusión they have presented a new sequence that they make from pepper, “above all from the use as tea leaves of the use of the pepper leaf from our garden”. Fermented, roasted, ground and infused, they manage to make a drink and even an ice cream from the leaves, in the image of the matcha tea they already had.

Jordi Roca catches the air

Jordi Roca had not been seen on stage for a long time, and this Monday Fusión Alimentos de España took place in Madrid. And with magic. Before, the little one of the Roca family has put his two cents into the logic of the restaurant’s use by explaining how he avoids throwing away the bread that has no outlet at the end of each service to turn it into caramel and make a dessert of bread, chocolate and salt.

One of the dishes presented in Madrid Fusión.
One of the dishes presented in Madrid Fusión.

As part of it, he has later presented an invention that has surprised. Together with the Barcelona company VOM, Roca has managed to create edible clouds. With helium, they generate foams of any liquid, in this case the cocoa distillate to complete the dessert. The grace is that the VOM machine creates the foam, which in the room is cut to catch it in the air and capture it in a container that simulates a cocoa pod. And not just any cocoa, but the best cocoa in the world ”, explained the pastry chef. «IF I do, I won’t say anything else …».


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