The rock and roll life of Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull recovered from coronavirus in April, after three weeks of hospitalization in a London hospital, surviving a new test of her rock and roll life. Fans of the singer, rocker and muse of the sixties will be able to watch the documentary that Sandrine Bonnaire devoted to her in 2017. The actress, who likes to draw portraits, has already filmed her sister and Jacques Higelin. Fan of Marianne Faithfull, she wanted to capture her “soul”.

A dialogue enriched by archives

His film, Fipa d’or at the Biarritz Festival in 2018, presents itself as a dialogue, enriched by archives, between the star filmed from the front and his admirer outside the camera. We hear very little music there, no doubt because Sandrine Bonnaire is so familiar with it that she does not feel the need to make it listen. Hence a treatment people of Marianne Faithfull’s journey, with very short extracts from songs.

Spotted at 17 by the Rolling Stones manager, Marianne Faithfull, 73 years old today, sees herself interpreting As Tears Go by, Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat or Sister Morphine. She talks about her marriages, her loves with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, her drug addiction and her fall that made her homeless in New York.

“I have to show what I have in my stomach”

After these trials, occurs Broken English in 1979. A raw, bare rock, where his new voice, raucous and powerful, burst with an unexpected anger. Will we hear this magnificent title, the dazzling Why d’Ya Do It ? or the mythical Ballad of Lucy Jordan ? Always not !

At this moment when frustration makes us consider turning off the TV, Marianne looks us in the eye and says: “I thought it was my last record before I died. I said to myself: I have to show what I have in my stomach, what I am worth. “ And for this moment, we thank Sandrine Bonnaire for making us want to listen to this sublime album right away.


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