The Rockets would have been right about James Harden, but will remain patient

According to Tim MacMahon (ESPN), who reported on Tuesday that the Rockets were ready to put themselves in “an uncomfortable situation” with respect to James Harden and that they still hoped to “fix” their relationship in order to convince him to stay, they would have finally understood that their star would not change their mind and would have finally made a reason.

“Tim MacMahon: – Their ambition, their goal, their hope is no longer as I see it to try to save their relationship with James Harden, to convince him to stay. They understood that his decision was made. He wants to leave and there is a determination to say ‘Ok, we get it’. It happens in the NBA, but just because he wants to leave doesn’t mean he can dictate where and against what he will be transferred.

What the Rockets are doing right now I think they are preparing for the post-Harden rebuild. What they say is ‘We need a young player who can be the cornerstone of a franchise and a package of Jrue Holiday picks’. And is Caris LeVert that player?

Brian Windhorst: – Well it’s not Ben Simmons (who wouldn’t be available on the 76ers side, Harden’s second favorite destination behind the Nets, editor’s note), if that’s what you mean. “

Regarding Russell Westbrook, good offers for Houston wouldn’t be rushing and the team could try to boost their market value by keeping them for the start of the season.


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