“The Royal College of Chulabhorn” reveals side effects of Sino Farm injection, severe symptoms, 12 deaths, 13 people

Chulabhorn Royal College More than 8.2 million doses of Sinofarm vaccination were reported, with 12 serious adverse reactions and 13 deaths reported.

On September 24, 2021, Facebook “Chulabhorn Royal College Information Center” reported side effects from Sinofarm vaccination. Vaccination recipients 8,208,097 doses

5,160,920 people who received the first dose of vaccine were found to have the following adverse reactions:

day 0 (while observing symptoms) 0.49% = 25,246 people
day 1 (after vaccination 1 day) 0.60% = 31,096 people
day 7 (7 days after vaccination) 0.17% = 8,973 people

The top four most common adverse reactions were headache 0.48%, myalgia 0.37%, fatigue, 0.34%, swelling and redness at the injection site 0.33%, and fever 0.32%.

For 3,047,177 recipients of the second dose vaccine, the following adverse reactions were found:

day 0 (while observing symptoms) 0.06% = 1,856 people
day 1 (after vaccination 1 day) 0.20% = 6,029 people
day 7 (7 days after vaccination) 0.11% = 3,393 people

The top four most common adverse reactions were headache 0.17%, injection site redness 0.15%, muscle aches 0.14%, fatigue 0.12%, and fever 0.12%. injection needle

Severe adverse reactions, 12 deaths, cumulative deaths 13

In addition, Chulabhorn Royal College There have also been reports of cumulative deaths of 13 people, including 2 deaths from coronavirus, 2 myocardial ischemia, 2 from congestive heart failure, 4 from untreated HIV, 1 heart attack. 1 had a stroke and 1 had a stroke.

For the report, there were 12 severe adverse events, 4 due to congenital ischemic stroke, 4 with cerebrovascular accident, 1 with acute myocardial infarction, and 3 with severe vaccine allergy.

for such information Facebook: Chulabhorn Royal College Information Center Indicated as information as of September 22, 2021

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