The Royal Medical Services organizes “Mental Health for the Elderly” on the occasion of Mental Health Day

Under the patronage of Major General Professor Sheikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa, Commander of the Royal Medical Services, a scientific day was organized on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day entitled (Mental Health for the Elderly) on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at the Crown Prince Center for Training and Medical Research in the Royal Medical Services In the presence of Brigadier General Doctor Abdullah Hassan Darwish, Technical Assistant to the Commander of the Royal Medical Services, and Colonel Doctor Nayef Abdul Rahman Laurie, Head of Continuing Education for Physicians.

Where speeches were given on the occasion of the World Mental Health Day and a number of lectures on the subject of mental health for the elderly were delivered by lecturers in the military hospital, because this age group faces the difficulties and psychological pressures due to the transformations that the elderly undergo such as retirement, suffering with chronic diseases Taking many medications, difficulty moving and moving, and others.

The process of adapting to all these changes causes an increase in the incidence of mental disorders and exacerbates the symptoms of previously existing disorders, and the most important psychological disorders in this age group are dementia, depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, and the misuse of sedative medications.

It is noted that there is a lack of awareness and focus towards mental disorders in this category, and therefore health services are less than they should and the available resources are not enough to cover the ceiling of needs.

The aim of these lectures is an attempt to attract attention and raise the level of awareness towards this age group, and it is an invitation to increase interest in them and focus on increasing the level of services provided to them.


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