“The Royal Thai Police sets up “Pirapan” as the second prime ministerial candidate with the goal of winning 400 districts, announces “Big Tu”.”

During an event held by the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party on March 25th, “Big Tu” (Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha) announced that “Piraphan” (the party leader) was the second prime ministerial candidate to win 400 districts. The event was attended by MPs and supporters of the party, who wore party T-shirts and held lighted signs. The event included policy announcements such as increasing elderly living allowances, returning old-age savings, and increasing welfare rights. Gen. Prayut spoke about the importance of working together towards stability, prosperity, and sustainability, and encouraged all 400 MP candidates to work towards making the party a strong political institution in the country.

“Big Tu” announced that the Royal Thai Police set up “Piraphan”, the second prime ministerial candidate, to win 400 districts. MPs sitting in the council told Prayut, the same DNA. Shouted together, separated among our ranks, died, dreamed of becoming a battle for 4 years, indicating that it was not a passing party Ready to overcome conflicts, pop “Do it, do it, do it, continue with Plus”

At 2:00 p.m. on March 25, reporters reported on the atmosphere of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTC) in the afternoon, moving to Hall 5, Impact Muang Thong Thani. apply for MPs in 400 districts and open a candidate for Prime Minister The atmosphere is bustling. In addition to the MP candidates, there are also supporters of each area holding lighted signs, cheering for the event. Most of them wore T-shirts of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. and campaign songs were played. which is a content song inviting you to choose Uncle Tu belonging to the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party along with youths holding banners dancing happily While at the event, various policies of the party were posted, for example, adjusting the elderly living allowance to be equal to all age ranges, 1,000 baht / month, returning 30% of the old-age savings, Section 33 of social security, amending the law to be able to earn a living, not being evicted, not Being sued, Plus welfare card increased rights to 1,000 baht/person, providing emergency limit of 10,000 baht/person, etc.

Later, at 2:10 p.m., Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense As Chairman of the Rua Thai Sang Chart Party’s Guidelines and Strategic Committee, he arrived with Mr. Peeraphan Saliratwiphak, leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party, Mr. Ekanat Promphan, Party Secretary. Mr. Saranwut Saranket, a member of the party welcomed and brought into the reception room before 2:30 p.m. Walked onto the stage of the event to participate in the event amid cheers from supporters.

The event started with the introduction of potential candidates. MPs across the country in 400 districts, in the northeastern region led by Mr. Preecha Rengsomboonsuk, Mr. Seksakon Atthawong, in the northern region led by Mr. Juti Krairiksh, in the central region led by Mr. Suchart Chomklin, in the south led by Mr. Chumpol Julsai, etc. Introduced the executive team and the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party economic team and announced Gen. Prayut is the party’s prime ministerial candidate

Then General Prayut spoke on stage, sent the I Love You symbol and said Let me just say a little bit, sitting here is deafening. Every time people come here, people shout to show their love. in which he had to let Dr. Gold Medal examine his ears a bit At least all MPs are safe in public health. because there is a gold doctor At the same time, people must be taken care of. thank you party members party leader secretary of the party party executive committee This is humility. that everyone honors himself and speaks up here Today, seeing 400 MPs, you feel not alone. I feel overwhelmed with all the heroes by their side and the heroine as well. A movie has a hero and a heroine. But the villain always loses. Therefore, we must be on the protagonist’s side. The hero finally falls in love with the heroine. and villains like to misbehave with the heroine

Gen. Prayut said that today we have 400 ideological members of the party. Thanks to everyone who decided to join us, Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party today was quite excited to meet all members of the party. Most of them remember each other’s faces. meet, must recite his name The downside is that it’s difficult to remember names because there are so many names. Today, everyone comes to work together in ideology and work on behalf of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party. Some of you were already MPs. Many people come for the first time There are both large, medium and new models. who has a wide range of knowledge Compared to cars, there are both gasoline-powered models, hybrid cars, and electric cars. There are swords, some hybrids, some new generations, all children, many of whom are young, but these people will see what each generation thinks and what we can do for them. which

Gen. Prayut said, therefore, we insist that we will discuss and move together so that people of all generations and ages of the country can move forward according to our vision. We must move forward towards stability, prosperity and sustainability. That’s our strategy. and strategy of the country Which must have a large economy, medium, small and agriculturist economy. Because this is Thailand’s partner, the people are partners. This guy right here must make everyone happy. It’s not business administration, it’s not seeking benefits. It must be a tangible and legal policy in all respects. Therefore, today reaffirms the promise that we will do exactly that by using our existing knowledge and experience. And the seat until today, who has done it? Who managed to get to this day? An economy that can move forward today despite what has been said. We still made good progress. Increased domestic investment More importantly, how do we take care of low-income people? As a shareholder in Thailand, you will have to look at the channels that can be done. He hoped that all 400 people would come together to think and act with him.

“Today I thought for fun, if we had 400 people to sit in the council, what would we do? But we won’t do it like other people do. We will think together and do everything with sincerity, right? That’s what they call together, we live separately, we die. Therefore, I am a person who may speak a little bluntly. say no because But I’m a sincere person, I’ve said before, we have different hearts. But everyone must have a big heart to love the 70 million people in the whole country, not love one person, must love everyone equally so that they can figure out what to do for them. So we must have a big heart. which my body has a purple heart It’s not a lie to look good, because I’m not. I’ve been in the Army before. And the Regiment Regiment has the symbol 1, which is a purple heart. I had to ask Doctor Goldman again what was the purple heart. The purple heart is the heart of someone who is about to die. Therefore, it must be a heart that does not tell lies. The heart of a dying person cannot lie. It’s dead now. But this isn’t that I’m going to die at all. I didn’t curse myself, but it was a comparison. I speak sincerely from my heart, all 400 of us agree to take care of 70 million people at the same time. Since everyone has knowledge and experience, everyone has the same goal. That goal is to unite Thais to create a nation,” Gen. Prayut said.

Gen. Prayut said that many people were very difficult, less difficult. He took them all, that was the difficulty of our government. Whoever’s in the future, in the future, that’s our responsibility. Which we each have the same DNA inside together in every cell like this. He’s not a doctor either, is this DNA committed to the country, the people and the public? Before Gen. Prayut said, “Yes, yes, eh..it’s a big move, never behaved like this before. But it doesn’t hurt because I’m a human being. a man with a heart”

Gen. Prayut said he wanted to encourage all MP candidates. He insisted that we would help make the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party a strong political institution. It is the main choice for Thai people in the whole country. We must be straight lines, main lines, big lines. The main motorway is not a passage for anyone. If anyone wants to come, they must ask for approval to go up the pass. Therefore, here we must work together as much as possible. We can do anything well and conveniently. Our party, although it is a new political party, has been an old face for many years. Although we are a political party, I have already told you that we are not new people. The former minister has The Deputy Prime Minister also has a member who has to apply for membership, must be able to sit here. And today, outside office hours, can come. In the past, the issue of COVID was the most confusing. He decided that there must be a new government administration and management, namely the establishment of a work group that is decisive in controlling, taking care of all agencies to solve the fat to move forward. Come today, we can move forward at the top level of the world until today.
General Prayut went on to say that Thanks to the party leader for honoring himself to stand here with the approval of all committees. He had many works as his mentor for many months. Not relying on a day or two have been with them for a long time He acted as a problem-solving consultant, leading me to resolve conflicts and unsolved problems, unable to resolve, inconsistent, to help here before deciding to join him. No, you came here and you came. We have been acquainted with him for a long time and trust him as a lawyer to solve many problems together.

Gen. Prayut said that for the work of the government, our work is countless. Many people ride back to the provinces and still don’t know who the road was built. When did a phone so good come from? Use your phone to watch and scold. Must accept the modern social world very quickly, but must use these technologies to not cause conflict Today we have done it and continue to do it. Asking for permission as the chairman of the party’s guidelines setting committee, plus a little bit more, doing it, doing it, doing it, continuing with Plus, or doing it again. Many of which are things that we have to do continuously. Today, fortunately, we have an economic team coming in. Many people want to enter But many people do not want to go into politics and want to stay behind to give advice. Which he listened to and presented to the party for consideration which must listen to information from everyone in every part Are we ready to be your advisors?
Gen. Prayut said that the origin of the campaign that we went out to do and continue to do today, when meeting the face of 400 plus people, went in as well. He just thought just now. That is, we have to do it again, we have to move forward together to be right, the way Thailand has to go on. Children will have to live better. Better than our generation by developing and coexisting with both the state and the people. If not together, it’s impossible. must all cooperate

“Thank you Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party delighted again Is a political party The party leader said that he created a new politics to meet the needs of the people and the nation. Most importantly, one short word is enough without having to describe much. cross over conflict It can be seen that sitting here there is no conflict. We can’t argue anymore. Decades ago, the problem existed. Don’t forget to not be a short-term memory person, it must not happen again. Therefore, today we must focus on creative politics. I am manly enough Everyone has gentlemen and ladies, so we won’t attack other parties. We will do our things so that the people understand that there is no division between them because the people of every constituency are Thai people. Because if it’s not Thai people, will they be able to vote? Can you come to the polls? All constituencies are all Thai people. We belong to all Thai people. And we will be the government of the whole country. Afraid as well, will it be too much or not, it’s up to us, right? United Thais create a nation,” Gen. Prayut said.

Gen. Prayut said that he was usually a man of few words because he spoke a lot and was scolded every time. Can’t explain at all, really don’t want to listen to the explanation. And the reason why we have to choose the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party And why did he decide to come to this party? He had already opened it. If he had no heart, he would not have come with him. Many people who come because they trust and are honest with each other. use it like this manly We have to be together, we move forward slowly and slowly. Don’t be afraid of anyone today, right? Today he has been working for 8 years and can go to every province because he has to work for the whole country in 77 provinces, hoping that everyone will support the MPs of the party is normal. Speak in the council on different laws, but not divisive, not conflicting, not contrary to the laws of the country, that’s all. have to turn to face to talk find common ground for the whole He has always adhered to this approach while standing, respecting each other. listen to all parties adhere to national interests public engagement

“I am not expecting anything at all. assertive and sincere My heart is the happiness of the people is the profit of the nation. The happiness of the Thai people is the profit of the nation. I don’t want anything today. We don’t want anything at all. The government has a 4-year term, which my government can last for almost a few days. It’s considered efficient to go on and on and on in the next day’s government administration. Let’s keep it full for 4 full years, but I hope. in honesty Patriotism for the country, love for the people. In fact, I didn’t know before becoming a candidate for the party. Everything, the party But sometimes will he choose us or not? maybe tired But it’s okay, I have encouragement from us. If you like it or don’t like it, it’s okay. The whole country gave us the opportunity to represent Thai people in the whole country. I would like to learn in front of 400 people to know that after choosing me as the number 1 prime ministerial candidate, I must inform that the party has chosen Is the party’s second Prime Minister candidate Mr. Peeraphan okay? Thank you. You have worked hard enough. The government must be strong, moving forward, non -stop, all of them have to step together to overcome the conflict, otherwise, and we will not catch him. Many things are revived. Our economy has a lot to believe in, ”said General Prayut, ready to invite 2 cards from this party.

Reporters reported that a period between Gen. Prayuth said on stage that he misnamed the party as Palang Pracharat. But he didn’t stop talking as if he didn’t realize that he had said the name of the party wrong.

In conclusion, the announcement of Peeraphan as the second prime ministerial candidate for the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party has caused excitement and enthusiasm among supporters and MPs alike. With a focus on policies aimed at improving the lives of low-income individuals and the elderly, this party is ready to overcome any conflicts that may arise. General Prayut’s speech at the event was filled with humor and sincerity, emphasizing the importance of working together to create a better Thailand for all. As we move closer to the upcoming election, it will be interesting to see how this new political party fares in the eyes of Thai voters.

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