The Russian Navy thwarts a pirate assault on a Panamanian-flagged container ship in the Gulf of Guinea


26 oct 2021 02:05 GMT

The crew of the anti-submarine vessel Vitseadmiral Kulakov were the first to respond to the emergency signal issued by the cargo ship MSC Lucía.

The troops of the anti-submarine vessel Vitseadmiral Kulakov (Vice Admiral Kulakov), of the Russian Navy, prevented this Monday the seizure of the container ship MSC Lucía, under the Panamanian flag, wholesale by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, on the African Atlantic coast.

Thus, at around 1:00 p.m. (local time), the Russian warship received the emergency signal issued by said cargo ship, which was heading from Togo to Cameroon, according to the Slavic country’s Ministry of Defense in a statement.

The alarm message specified that the ship was being the subject of an attempted assault and capture by armed individuals who had arrived in a fast boat. After calling for help, the crew of the Lucia locked themselves in the engine room.

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An operation without shots

Immediately, a Ka-27PS helicopter with a unit of Marines took off from Vice Admiral Kulakov towards the scene. Seeing the approaching aircraft, the pirates they rushed to abandon the freighter and they headed towards the coast.

The aircraft made a first visual check of the ship. An anti-terrorist team then boarded and inspected the Lucia and released the crew members.

The anti-submarine vessel Vice Admiral Kulakov has been sailing the Gulf of Guinea for three weeks, together with the supplier Akademik Pashin and the tug Altai. The three vessels they watch over the safety of civil navigation in the area, with monitoring support by the aircraft that are part of its crew.

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