The Russian opponent Alexeï Navalny in intensive care, shock video of the L214 association, Blanquer announces a masked re-entry … The news of this Thursday

The news

Russia. Russian doctors are fighting for “save the life” of the opponent Alexeï Navalny, placed in intensive care in a hospital in Siberia after having fainting on board a plane. His entourage denounces poisoning “intentional”. Emmanuel Macron calls for “all the clarity [soit] done ”. Alexey Navalny should be taken care of in Germany.

Back to school. If the Minister of National Education excludes the postponement of the start of the new school year, he confirms the obligation to wear a mask in closed spaces for everyone from 11 years old in an interview with 20 hours of France 2. For the rest, local decisions can be taken depending on the circulation of the virus in the territories.

Reaction. The national secretary of EE-LV, Julien Bayou, welcomed “Activism” from the L214 association, a new shocking video of which involves duck farming. “Clearly L214 and others will advance awareness on the subject through civil disobedience. It’s assumed, it’s non-violent, it’s illegal, but it’s legitimate to produce these videos ”, he estimated on RTL. An effective mobilization since the prefecture of Pyrénées-Atlantiques ordered the closure of the unsanitary building of duck breeding. The prefecture pronounces a “Total and immediate ban” to exploit it “Until it is brought up to standard”.

Diplomacy. It floats like a re-entry perfume on Fort Brégançon. Emmanuel Macron received Angela Merkel to try to strengthen the understanding of the Franco-German couple on the many hot European and international issues. The President proposed EU mediation in Belarus. “Alexander Lukashenko did not try to speak to any of us”, regretted Angela Merkel.

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Vaccine. The European Commission has announced that it has reserved 225 million doses of the potential Covid-19 vaccine from the German CureVac. This is the fourth such agreement reached by the EU with laboratories. The initial purchase would be 225 million doses on behalf of EU member states, once the efficacy and safety of a vaccine has been demonstrated. According to Emmanuel Macron, there are “reasonable prospects” of obtaining a vaccine against the coronavirus “in the coming months”.

No party. No more crazy parties in apartments rented on Airbnb. The peer-to-peer rental platform prohibits the organization of any parties or events in the homes offered on its site and limits the capacity to 16 people maximum.

Weather. Swedish activist Greta Thunberg met Angela Merkel in Berlin, along with other members of her movement, Fridays for Future: Luisa Neubauer (Germany), as well as Anuna de Wever and Adélaïde Charlier (Belgium).

Reprise. Germany has recorded in the last twenty-four hours 1,707 new cases of coronavirus infection, a level that had not been reached since April, according to official figures released on Thursday. Italy, so far among the European countries relatively spared by the resurgence of the coronavirus, has recorded 845 new cases in 24 hours, the highest figure since May 23, according to a report released Thursday by the Ministry of Health . France, it has exceeded in the last 24 hours the 4,700 new cases of Covid-19, an unprecedented increase since May, according to figures released Thursday by Public Health France.

Terrorism. British justice has sentenced to life imprisonment, with a minimum of 55 years, the brother of the perpetrator of the Manchester suicide bombing. He had helped him prepare for the explosion that killed 22 people in 2017 at the exit of an Ariana Grande concert, claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State.

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United States. Steve Bannon, former adviser to Donald Trump, has been indicted for embezzlement of funds paid through a crowdfunding site supposed to help build the famous wall on the US-Mexico border promised by the US president, says the Manhattan federal prosecutor.

Belarus. Belarusian authorities have announced the opening of a criminal case for “Attack on national security” against the “Coordination council” formed by the opposition. This is intended to promote a transition of power after the disputed presidential election of August 9. “The creation and activity of such a council are intended to seize power and undermine national security” of Belarus, said Prosecutor General Alexander Koniouk.

Hongkong. Hong Kong publishers have been urged to remove “sensitive” content from some textbooks, media reported. The evocation of “civil disobedience”, photos of certain slogans of the protest movement as well as the names of certain political parties have been removed from works used in the context of general culture courses given in high school.

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Testimony. Aurélia Gilbert, survivor of the Bataclan attack in 2015, was targeted on Twitter on Monday by far-right internet users for having taken a stand in favor of the repatriation of French children of jihadists. Threatened with the worst, she also saw her mailbox hacked and her personal information revealed. To read here.

Cheknews. Will wearing a mask also be compulsory on TV from September 1? Good question, and it’s answered right here.

Environment. Fires, blackouts: the footprint of climate change in California. The American state is experiencing one of its worst heat waves this summer, which causes extreme events and threatens the health of residents, especially the most vulnerable. Explanations.

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4 days. 4-day week: since the Germans say so! In Germany, the president of the IG-Metall union has proposed to reduce working hours to avoid layoffs. A measure welcomed by some ministers of the Merkel government and from which the French left should be inspired. Ticket.

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Return on the investiture of Joe Biden for the US presidential elections. In Russia, the opponent Alexei Navalny, placed in intensive care in a hospital in Siberia after having fainting on board an airplane. His entourage denounces poisoning “intentional”. Interview with Adrian Quatennens, the coordinator of La France insoumise calls for politicizing the next local events to mobilize the abstainers. How? ‘Or’ What the winegrowers adapt to climate change.



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