The Saint-Prex complaint filed by Comco and Monsieur Prix –

After being seized by the municipality of Saint-Prex (VD), the Price Supervisor and the Competition Commission (Comco) classify the complaint about the 1600% increase in the price of electricity in the municipality.

The municipality of Saint-Prex, 6000 inhabitants, received a dismissal from the two federal entities. Comco, which has no jurisdiction over these issues, referred the complaint to the Price Supervisor.

The latter declared, in a letter on Thursday, “not being able to intervene in the electricity market and impose lower prices”. Stefan Meierhans also recalled his lobbying of policy makers for cuts. The Vaud municipality will therefore have to turn to them, suggests Mr. Price.

Disagreement over the origin of the price increase

Jan Von Overbeck, the Saint-Prex municipal official in charge of buildings, said he was “convinced that part of the increase is speculative” in Forum on Wednesday. But for Mr. Price, there are no “signs of a cartel agreement”.

“Our goal is not to sue, but to submit a problem to find a solution,” he explains. Jan von Overbeck says he doesn’t want to let go.

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The municipality of Saint-Prex (VD) lodges a complaint against the rise in the price of electricity: interview with Jan Von Overbeck / Forum / 4 min. / Wednesday at 7:43 p.m.

The increase in prices would thus be “the consequence of a limited supply in Europe and the fear of a shortage in winter”, he explains. The Municipality of Saint-Prex will therefore turn to the canton and the Federal Electricity Commission.

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