The Salamanca lawyer who fights against the bookmakers ‘who only let you lose’

An affected friend of his asked him for help and what he never imagined is that he would find a whole niche in the market and that case was going to be the first of many. A Salamanca lawyer has filed 500 lawsuits against well-known bookmakers in half a year for blocking accounts or limit its activity to users who obtain large sums of money, an abusive restriction according to the ruling of the only two sentences that are currently final. “If you lose money, they let you bet what you want, if you win, no,” says the lawyer. Alberto Contreras.

Those affected have a clear profile: jYoung people between 25 and 35 years of age who in most cases dedicate themselves exclusively to this business. “It is his profession. His job is to study games in which the bookmaker, so to speak, knows less. For example, in first division soccer team matches, the company is practically not confused because it has its algorithms and they play it safe. Everything is well studied. However, in minority leagues they do not have possible statistics to set the odds and many times they are wrong. It is precisely what these users are looking for to benefit, the error of the betting house ”, says Contreras.

In this way, any sport that is not followed by the masses can become a whole seam. “For example, they study that 14-year-old boy who has just entered the professional circuit and who can beat the phenomenon of the moment. A) Yes there are people who are earning between 30,000 and 40,000 euros per month, a real outrage ”, acknowledges the lawyer.

I have had cases in which any user could put 500 euros into a match but my client was only allowed to bet 50 cents

It is precisely them who the bookmakers limit their activity so that, when they start to win large sums of money, their account is restricted. “I have had cases in which any user could put 500 euros into a match but my client was only allowed to bet 50 cents.”

Therefore, Alberto Contreras filed the first lawsuit and has not stopped since. “As a result of it and an article that we published on the internet, people began to contact me, not only from all over the country, but from Chile, Bolivia, Colombia … The problem is that I can only practice in Spain.”

In fact, the bookmakers are aware of the abusive nature and have tried to stop the avalanche. “Two months after the first claim was admitted in court, the lawyer of one of the companies in question contacted me and proposed a confidentiality agreement to me by virtue of which I withdrew the claim and they lifted the limitations to the user, so that I could bet again without problem, as one more ”.

However, many houses soon skipped said pact – others did not and this process is still being carried out – and again prohibited the experts from betting on the basis of a new article that they introduced in their terms and conditions that included the “right of the company to close a user registration at any time giving a reasonable notice of 14 days ”. For this reason, many of the cases continue their judicial process and There are already two firm sentences that agree with the user, declaring “the nullity for abusive” of the clauses that allow suspending or closing a user registration or those that state that the company is not obliged to accept any bet.


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