The salary increase to one of Noelia Posse’s plugs leaves Móstoles’ budgets in the air

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The problems in the Móstoles de Noelia Posse do not stop. Eight months after reports of cases of nepotism in the town council, governed by the PSOE, the controversy has risen and a new favor deal leaves municipal budgets in the air. More Madrid Winning Móstoles will not support the accounts if a salary supplement of 12,600 euros is not withdrawn to the Urban Planning Manager, Miguel Espelosín, who was one of the beneficiaries of the appointments by the mayor.

The budget agreement between the PSOE, Más Madrid and Podemos was a fact, but this game has blown it up. The formation, which considers the pact to be broken, has detailed that they will decide on Wednesday the definitive support, contingent in any case on reciting the increase in Espelosín’s salary. “We ask the Móstoles government for a consensus response to match what this town urgently needs,” they said from the municipal group through their Twitter account. More Madrid Ganar Móstoles, led by Gabriel Ortega, has already left the local government after the scandals and actively asked for Posse’s resignation as council member.

The appointment of manager of Urbanism, precisely, was one of the cases that evidenced the socialist network of plug-inism in the City Council. Espelosín was incorporated despite the fact that he did not meet the requirement of 15 years of professional experience, something essential to perform the position. As ABC reported, the Contentious-Administrative Court number 5 of Madrid dropped his hiring for not adapting to the requirements of the position. Thus, not only does he remain in office, but the government team prepares a salary increase of 12,600 euros per year.

Succession of scandals
The case of Espelosín, however, is not limited to its lack of capabilities. The City Council placed last August as the general coordinator of Urban Planning the woman who endorsed her experience to access the position despite the fact that it was not. Carmen Rosas Camacho, also hired by finger, signed that Jesús Miguel Espelosín worked as an architect in his studio from 1999 to 2009. Both episodes make up Posse’s list of outlets in Móstoles, clinging to office, suspended from membership in the PSOE and still to awaiting the resolution of the party.

Posse began with the appointment of his sister Laura as head of the Consistory’s social networks, at a rate of 52,000 euros per year. Later it became known that it was not an isolated case. He also promoted his uncle Héctor Vicente Posse to technical director of Sports and increased the salary by 800 euros to his ex-partner, Gonzalo Sánchez. In addition, the coordinator of the Mayor’s Office, Alicia Domínguez, resigned after learning that she is a personal friend of the mayor and that she coincided in another job with the manager of the Municipal Soil Institute (IMS), Luis Vázquez, also a friend of Posse. .


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