The salary of 450,000 employees will increase on January 1: the biggest indexation in 10 years

The more than 450,000 employees belonging to the Joint Committee 200, the largest group of employees in Belgium, will see their salaries increase by 3.58% from January 1, 2022, said the human resources services office Acerta on Thursday. This is the highest indexation rate in ten years.

The salaries of CP 200 employees are indexed each year on January 1. Technically, this is not an increase, but an adjustment of wages to the cost of living. For employers, on the other hand, it is an increase in labor costs. The next indexation is significantly higher than a year earlier, when the wages of the CP 200 were indexed by 0.95%. The year 2022 dethrones the year 2012, when indexation rose to 3.17%.

The joint committee 200 brings together, among others, employees of call centers, temporary work agencies, IT, consulting, advertising, printing or construction.

In addition to this joint committee, other sectors have an indexation system which provides for an annual adjustment of salaries in relation to inflation at the start of the year.

In a press release, SD Worx gives several examples.

In the hospitality industry (CP 302), wages will increase by 3.219% for 140,000 workers.

The food industry (CP 118 and CP 220, or 90,000 people), must also index wages by 3.22%.

The food trade, including butchers (CP 119 with 33,000 additional workers) is also subject to an index of 3.58%.

Road transport and logistics which accounts for 90,000 workers also has an index of 3.21%.

As for international logistics (CP 226), wages must increase by 3.95%, for 50,000 workers.

“If wages in the food, distribution and transport sectors go up, product prices may rise again. So we all risk having to pay higher prices again. This could lead to further indexation of prices. wages”, points out Nathalie Seijnaeve of the SD Worx knowledge center, quoted in the press release.

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