The scandal surrounding the Salzburg nursing home affects state vice president Schellhorn

Demand for consequences from all sides

The SPÖ – in the city with Anja Hagenauer responsible for social affairs and thus the nursing homes – calls loudly for consequences: “I’ve been calling for a reform of the home supervision for years,” says Hagenauer. In addition, there is no minimum personnel key in Salzburg. The supply only has to be guaranteed – a flexible term that should not be overused, especially in times of unstable conditions.

Hagenauer cites an example: “The home supervisor checks the documentation, but not whether it is actually done that way.” In a municipal home, it was once forgotten to document a resident’s personal hygiene, which happened very well. In the end, that was how it was judged in court.

The first residents have already moved

Nine residents from the affected nursing home have already been taken into municipal houses. The relocation was difficult – Hagenauer accuses the carrier of a lack of transparency. Five others want to move. This prevented people from getting a new home near Senecura in Styria.

If the country decides to close the home after all, Hagenauer will offer her help. The city’s decision to preventively close the small Bolaring home due to staff shortages was correct.

Calls for resignation were addressed to Schellhorn from several political camps. But he sees no reason for it. Instead, he now wants to actively approach the Ombudsman Board. An appointment for next week in Vienna has been arranged.

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