The scenario circulating at the MR: Bouchez remains in charge, apologizes, and will work as a team

Attempt to appease the MR around Georges-Louis Bouchez. Latest news from the front: a political office will take place on Monday morning. The president promises a new sequence for the presidency, more collective …

Apeacefully to the MR? Put an end to the crisis… This is the watchword, we are assured from good sources. After multiple contacts between officials at all levels Saturday and Sunday, it is a question of meeting a political bureau Monday morning at 9 a.m. – the convocations would have left -, where everyone will have the time to explain themselves, and will have to be pronounce, ideally approve, it is said, the following general outline: the party would equip itself with a leadership guaranteeing collegiality and teamwork; as regards the internal presidential election, it will take place in 2023 as planned, Georges-Louis Bouchez remains in charge of the party.

Which should occur this Sunday afternoon on video on the internet, to reframe the controversy, especially to explain, in a way apologize, about the quack relating to the real-false appointment of Denis Ducarme in Namur in place of Valérie De Bue, reinstated immediately, as we know.


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