The Scientific Council favored confinement in certain regions

The Scientific Council reported a “paradoxical epidemiological situation” in France, in its opinion delivered to the government on January 12 and made public this Friday. “Apparently better than in other European countries, it is nevertheless worrying. Indeed, the number of new cases and hospitalizations (conventional and in intensive care) for Covid-19 have increased slowly but steadily since mid-December”, write experts who advise the executive.

In the obligation to tighten the restrictions to avoid an outbreak of the epidemic, the government has chosen to extend the curfew at 6 p.m. to the entire territory. This is the choice that Jean Castex announced Thursday evening during a press conference.

If the option does figure in the possibilities put forward by the Council, it is not the one that the specialists favored. Rather, he advocated “the establishment of a general curfew from 6 p.m., associated or not, with confinement in regions or metropolitan areas at risk, or adapted confinement”, like the one put in place. place end of October until mid-December. The panel of scientists had left open the possibility of a fourth scenario, the hardest, which provided for “installing strict containment close to that put in place in March for a limited period followed by a period of curfew” .

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The vaccine for those over 65 who cannot travel

In any case, “whatever the scenario adopted by the health authorities, the Scientific Council advises the implementation of a limitation of inter-regional travel and insists on the need for wide use of teleworking”.

On the other hand, the government followed to the letter the opinion of experts on maintaining schools with increased supervision of students, and the partial resumption of face-to-face classes at the university. “A strong recommendation of self-containment should be sent to the population of the oldest people and presenting comorbidities as soon as they are not vaccinated during the period of the next two months”, also indicates the opinion.

In addition, on the subject of vaccines, the Scientific Council speaks of a strategy asking to save time by vaccinating people at risk as a priority, and insists for this “on the fact of being able to facilitate access to vaccination for people of over 65 who cannot travel, register on waiting lists, the precarious or far from healthcare systems “. “To do this, they must be offered home vaccination opportunities as soon as more user-friendly vaccines become available (including AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson),” writes the Council.





Robin Rivaton, economist.By Robin Rivaton

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