the screen has become “a place of sharing”, notes a psychoanalyst

It’s the big day for video game lovers, this Thursday, November 19 marks the release of the PS5, manufactured by Sony. The last playstation was released 7 years ago, and with the approach of Christmas, in full containment, sales of this console will probably be very important. This is the opportunity to take an interest in the economics of video games with Michaël Stora, psychoanalyst and founder of the observatory of digital worlds in the human sciences.

148 billion euros: this is the amount of revenue that the video game industry will generate this year. According to the Newzoo firm, this figure is up 21% from last year, and consoles alone are worth $ 50 billion. In France, 2019 turnover was around 5 billion euros, the second historical performance of the sector.

Parents who are 40 years old experienced the video game object in their own childhood

Michaël Stora, aka Dr. Gamer

For Michaël Stora, alias Dr Gamer, “the confinement meant that, suddenly, parents were forced to take an interest in what their children and adolescents were doing and, among other things, playing video games“. Despite an undeniably serious health situation,”paradoxically it was a good time to finally make the screen a place of sharing, to stop stigmatizing video games and creating an exit from the generational gap which ultimately prevented playing with the family, ”analyzes the professional.

In addition, Michaël Stora underlines that “there is also an evolution, parents who are 40 years old have experienced video games in their own childhood, so it is obvious that it is finally possible to share, even with a certain form of nostalgia, what is called retrogaming “.

Any object of pleasure can have for some a form of addiction

Michaël Stora, aka Dr. Gamer

However, if the confinement allowed break video game codes, the psychoanalyst noticed in his work “that certain young people, who were already in problems, made video games for a while, an almost self-healing object with forms of addiction and it is obvious that confinement, for some, has reinforced these totally excessive practices, problematic, where the game trumps the pleasure of playing “.

However, the one who is also the founder of the observatory of digital worlds in the human sciences recalls that “any object of pleasure can have for some a form of addiction“.

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