The screening of a thousand Creusois continues, the results expected by the weekend

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The massive screening that started during the Pentecost weekend in Creuse will continue until Thursday. “Everyone will be taken by then except those who refuse”, specifies Isabelle Dumond, director of the regional delegation of the regional health agency (ARS) in Creuse. Around a thousand people must be tested in around 40 municipalities.

These are 935 beneficiaries and employees of S.S.A.D Elisad, a home help association in Guéret, which works in particular for shopping, cleaning or cooking for private individuals. This screening comes after the discovery by the ARS of a “cluster”, a group of contaminations. An employee of S.S.A.D and two employees of S.S.I.A.D, the home care service of the communal social action center of Guéret, all three tested positive for coronavirus in less than seven days.

Employees and beneficiaries of S.S.I.A.D. have already been preemptively tested last week, and the results were all negative. The ARS therefore does not plan to collect them again during this large-scale screening.

A person tested positive

The first results attest to the contamination of a person, in this case a beneficiary of S.S.A.D Elisad. Screening consists of a virological test, using a cotton swab pressed into the nose. The results are known at the latest 48 hours after the sample. The results of this massive screening are expected for Friday, June 5. It will assess the level of circulation of the virus.

Guéret hospital, private laboratories but also a lot of liberal nurses are mobilized. “We would like to thank them all for their responsiveness, in an emergency, in the middle of the Pentecost weekend”, underlines Isabelle Dumond.


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