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The sea level is rising faster and faster

Satellite measurements confirm an average increase of 4.5 mm per year.

The hot days of December in France are not the only sign of climate change. Another concrete proof of this is the rise in sea level, caused by the melting ice and the expansion of water as it warms. Measured from space for about thirty years, this increase is accelerating, as shown by more than a year of surveys carried out at an altitude of 1336 km by the Sentinel-6 satellite of Copernicus and the European Space Agency. with Eumetsat, a network of 30 European meteorological agencies, American agencies (Nasa and NOAA) and Cnes (National Center for Space Studies). “Our estimate of a sea level rise of 4.5 mm per year on average, over the last five years, against 3.3 mm per year over the last decades, is undoubtedly the correct one”says Remko Scharroo, scientist from Eumetsat’s Sentinel-6 mission and expert in sea level and pole measurements from space.

These estimates are indeed consistent with …

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