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Chris Daughtry, the lead singer of the rock band “Daughtry”, became popular because of his participation in “American Idol”, and his album sold more than one million in just five weeks. However, it was shocked on the 21st that Chris Daughtery’s stepdaughter Hannah Price, who passed away in November last year, confirmed that the cause of death was drug addiction and hanged herself at the age of 25.

▲Chris Daughterre became popular because of his participation in “American Idol”. (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

Hannah died at home in November last year. The cause of death was not disclosed at the time, but according to TMZ, Hannah actually died by suicide, hanging herself after taking drugs. Chris Daughtry’s wife, Deanna Daughtry, said Hannah had been battling mental illness before turning to drugs and wallowing in abusive relationships.

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▲▼Chris Daughtry and his wife Deanna.  (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

▲ After Chris Doutley and his wife Deanna got married, they treated her children as if they were their own. (Photo/Dazhi Image/Associated Press)

Hannah is Chris Doutley’s wife Deanna, the child of her previous marriage. Although she is not a biological daughter, Chris has always regarded Hannah as his own since he married Deanna in 2000. After Hannah passed away in November last year, Chris Daughtery announced that he was canceling the tour because of a shock.

▲▼Chris Daughtry's stepdaughter Hannah.  (Picture / flip from IG)

▲ Chris Daughter’s stepdaughter Hannah. (Picture / flip from IG)

In fact, Hannah’s boyfriend Bobby was arrested on the day her body was found. The police did not disclose the reason at that time. Now they know that Hannah had called her parents to say that she was abused by her boyfriend. Chris and Deanna suspect that Bobby Than has to do with Hannah’s death. However, due to insufficient evidence, Bobby has been acquitted.

▲▼Chris Daughtry's stepdaughter Hannah's boyfriend Bobby.  (Picture / flip from IG)

▲ On the day Hannah’s body was found, her boyfriend Bobby was arrested by the police. (Picture / flip from IG)

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