The second party with the most votes is AKP

Hakan Bayrakçı, the head of SONAR Research, shared the results of his survey on Muharrem İnce, who is alleged to establish a new party, on live broadcast. 15.8 percent of citizens surveyed “I can vote for the party that Muharrem İnce just founded” said.

Hakan Bayrakçı, the chairman of SONAR Research, who was a guest of the “Neutral Zone” program presented by Ahmet Hakan on CNN Turk screens, announced the results of his survey on Muharrem İnce, who will establish a new party.

Bayrakçı, in the survey conducted face-to-face with 2850 people in 26 provinces, asked the participants, “Would you vote if Muharrem İnce founded a party?” He said that they posed his question.

Hakan Bayrakçı said that 15.8 percent of the participants “Yes“of 72.3 percent”No“of 7.8 percent”Unstable“, “No ideaHe stated that the rate of those who said “was 4.1.

How much votes does he get from which party?

According to the survey results;

Muharrem İnce 7.6 percent in CHP

1.6 from AKP

1,5 from İYİ Party

The MHP is 0.7

HDP’den 0.6

3.8 of undecided getting votes.

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