The Secretary General of the Republicans, Aurélien Pradié, defends a plan against poverty

Aurélien Pradié, in the hemicycle of the National Assembly, in Paris, in July 2017.

“Access to food is the first emergency”, affirms the Secretary General of the Republicans (LR), Aurélien Pradié, in The Sunday newspaper (JDD) of January 31. He defends a plan to fight poverty aimed, among other things, at distributing food aid.

The deputy of Lot recommends “Multiply by 20 the fine for distributors who destroy food products” and create “A national food aid fund, the management of which would be entrusted to the departments, endowed with means up 30% compared to current systems”.

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Republicans also want “Distribute food checks of 450 euros per quarter, for example to 6.6 million beneficiaries of housing allowance.” For a year, they would allow them to buy fresh produce from national agriculture ”.

Create 300,000 “jobs for the nation for 18-25 year olds”

Asked by The JDD which figures the bill for such a plan at 11 billion euros, the deputy stresses that “The scope can be progressive”.

“The explosion of food poverty will have an even greater cost, he emphasizes, and we are injecting these resources back into the country’s economic machine. “ Aurélien Pradié also recommends the installation of 300,000 “Jobs for the nation for 18-25 year olds, in communities, administrations, public utility associations or universities”.

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“Thanks to these part-time jobs paid at the minimum wage and supported on the model of partial unemployment for two years, young people who have lost their job could find a small job, useful to the nation”, he argues, quantifying the cost of such a device “1.8 billion euros per year”.

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