The Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation said that the Buenos Aires Police “is clearly corrupt” and the City Attorney takes it to justice

The Procuration of the City of Buenos Aires denounced this Monday the Secretary of Human Rights of the Nation, Horacio Pietragalla, for assuring in a radio interview that the Buenos Aires Police “It is the beginning of the mango” Y “clearly corrupt”.

In the presentation made in the Criminal Justice, it is requested that the affirmations of the ultra-K official be investigated and that he be summoned “in order to expand his statements and report where the complaints of the facts of which he learned by virtue of the public function he exercises “.

On Friday, the body headed by Pietragalla had made a criminal complaint against the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and the vice, Diego Santilli (in charge of the Ministry of Justice and Communal Security), for the incidents during the wake of Diego Maradona of which he blamed the City Police.

Now the City Attorney decided to advance against the Secretary of Human Rights for his statements on Monday in the journalistic program “And now who can help us?” which is broadcast on the FM Radio Con Vos 89.9.

“Mr. Pietragalla stated that when the National Gendarmerie began to intervene in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, it was to avoid shady deals carried out by the Argentine Federal Police. But now those shady businesses have returned with the Police of the City of Buenos Aires and that all the neighbors know it, “the attorney for the Attorney General, Mariana Sica, said in the complaint.

As stated in the judicial presentation, the official also assured that “any cart that you see in the street, the City Police comes and you you have to put money, bribery … the Police are the first to the mango “.

And in another part of the interview he stated that “… if the Senegalese want to sell They have to arrange with the Police a percentage of their sale and if they fix something, they have the guarantee that they will notify you when there is going to be an operation … The City Police are clearly corrupt … “.

Given these words, the Attorney General considers that Pietragalla “would be in the knowledge of facts that could constitute criminal offenses, such as bribery or extortion “, but” it is unknown if he has reported them. “

“That is why, taking into account the obligation that every public official has to file a criminal complaint before the knowledge he has of them, due to the exercise of his functions, the present complaint is made, requesting that he be summoned,” he remarks the letter of the Buenos Aires body.

Incidents at the door of the Casa Rosada during the wake of Diego Armando Maradona. Photo Juan Manuel Foglia

For his part, Pietragalla asserts that, according to the work carried out by his Secretariat against institutional violence, the City Government received “a totally different response from that of other provinces, where the personnel who commit the crimes are immediately separated. excesses or evidence is provided to investigations “.

“Here we find deaf ears to our claims. I had a meeting with Santilli, in the middle of the year, where the topic was the repression against the Senegalese community, since there is a hunt for people who, for example, go to the supermarket and the police steal their bags of merchandise “, story.

In the complaint that he had made on Friday for the incidents at Maradona’s wake at the Casa Rosada, the official asked that the highest authorities of the City Government be investigated for the crimes of public intimidation, abuse of authority and abandonment of person.

“We are tired of the institutional violence of the City Government Police, since use violence in an excessive way and those responsible cannot say that they do not know what is happening because the Secretariat continually marks them mistakes, “said Pietragalla days ago.


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