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Nançay shortbread is a culinary specialty of Sologne, in the Cher. These crunchy and fondant cupcakes were born from a recipe error in 1953.

In the town of Nançay (Cher) hides a little sweet treasure, Nançay shortbread. Its golden color and buttery flavor, Benoît Brulé is proud of it. For nearly ten years, he has been perpetuating the family tradition of Nançay sablé in his workshops. “It’s butter, sugar, flour and eggs. The quantities, they will remain secret“, says the artisan. A recipe that was originally a mistake made by Benoît Brulé’s grandfather. One day in 1953, he prepared a bad pie dough, recycled the next day into small cakes and offered to customers. .

An inimitable flavor

The secret of these cakes is a gesture of precision, transmitted from generation to generation. Today, the small bakery has become a factory. Every day, 50,000 shortbread cookies come out of the ovens. For Claude Brulé, a few days before retirement, the flavor has never changed. “It is above all a cake that cracks nicely. Once we started, […] we go back“, assures the latter. In France, thousands of customers taste them in nearly 70 different shops. Nançay shortbread has been part of the culinary heritage of the region for more than 10 years.

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