The Sena offers 7,000 places for face-to-face studies in Antioquia

In a new call, the National Learning Service -Sena- offers in Antioquia about 7,000 places for 121 degree programs in different training areas.

In total, the new training call includes 295 programs at all levels of training throughout the country. It can be accessed by the Colombian population and foreigners with residence in Colombia or with a special residence permit, including those with disabilities.

In the 121 graduate programs and the 7 thousand places in Antioquia there is training in areas such as design, clothing, food, services, administration, technology, health and industry, among others.

Of the total, 3,460 places are open for technical programs and 3,175 for technological training, while 304 are aimed at operators and 30 are for specialized training.

The general director of the Sena, Carlos Mario Estrada Molina, said that his entity delivers, “a relevant and quality offer, with which we contribute to the reactivation of the country’s economy, because we strengthen the labor competencies that will guarantee opportunities in the labor market. current”.

Among the training programs with the most places in the country are technologists in Administrative Management, Information Systems Analysis and Design, Human Talent Management and Business Management; In addition, there are quotas in Building Construction, Systems, Environmental Monitoring, Kitchen and Architectural Drawing technicians.

The director of Vocational Training of the entity, Nidia Gómez, commented that, “education has the power to transform the future of all Colombians and we are working so that the apprentices in their training process also acquire soft skills, fundamental in the middle of the technological transformation of companies ”.

Those interested in these programs must register by going to the page, write in the search engine a keyword related to what they want to study, choose between the options that the system throws up, select the training program that best suits suit your needs, and finally click on the registration option and complete the data.

In this regard, the regional director of the Sena in Antioquia, Juan Felipe Rendón Ochoa, stated that, “in the department we attend to the offer through different specialized training centers in various productive sectors, seeking to respond to the needs of human talent that require companies, and in this way strengthen employability in the region ”.

People will be able to choose a program as a second option, to which they can be selected, as long as there is space available, they have not been selected for the first option and have a high score in the web tests that allow them to enter. For more information, those who wish it should contact Bogotá at the number 3430111 and in the rest of the country at 018000-910-270.

The Sena recalled that, taking into account the current situation of the pandemic due to the covid-19 virus, the return to the presence with all the biosafety protocols will be subject to the regulations emanating from the pertinent instances.


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