The Senate rejects the 2022 budget, assimilated to an “election campaign budget”

It was expected. The Senate, chaired by the right, voted at first reading, Tuesday, November 23, the rejection of the “revenue” part of the 2022 budget, by 237 votes against and 52 for. This vote automatically results in the rejection of the entire text.

Highly symbolic, this rejection recorded by the Upper House, after the express examination of the text, as well as that of the 600 amendments tabled, will, however, have no impact on the final adoption of the finance bill for 2022, scheduled for here at the end of the year. It will be presented for second reading on December 10 to the National Assembly, which will have the last word.

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A “spendthrift madness”

The right and left senators had announced their desire to vote against, as soon as the text was adopted at first reading by the deputies, on November 16. Their main criticism: Emmanuel Macron would take advantage of this budget to promote his action for the presidential election next April. Gérard Larcher (LR), President of the Senate, described the envelope as “Worrying election campaign budget for the future”, judging that he was not “Not responsible” to vote “300 billion in revenue for 455 billion in expenditure”, ie a deficit of 155 billion euros.

Plan for Marseille, France 2030 investments or youth engagement contract: between the presentation of the draft budget and the end of its first reading examination in the National Assembly, 11.8 billion additional expenses were added.

“We will not go further because you have gone too far”, launched to the address of the government Bruno Retailleau, the president of the LR group, for whom the rejection of the Senate, “A serious act, a rare act”, aims to alert the French to a “Spendthrift madness” who “Has nothing to do with the crisis”.

According to Mr. Larcher, the rejection of the text by the Senate is not a political coup, but “Simply a means of drawing the attention of our compatriots to the financial and budgetary situation of the country”. An argument shared by senators from the rest of the opposition to the government. The centrists, the second component of the senatorial majority, had decided not to take part in the vote. The left, including the senators of the Socialist Party (PS), spoke out against it, speaking out on the budget, for the first time since the start of the five-year term.

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This brilliant coup by the senatorial majority is not a first. In 2016, the Upper House, already held by the right, rejected, from the outset, the last five-year budget project on the grounds that it aimed to ” ensure the electoral campaign of Mr. Hollande or Mr. Valls “.

A series of budget debates, on several major themes, should be placed on the agenda by the conference of Senate presidents in the coming days.

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