The Senate votes to double the period, including seven mandatory days

On November 13, 2020, the Senate voted overwhelmingly to double the paternity leave from 14 to 28 days. – Pixabay

The Senate voted overwhelmingly, on the night of Friday to Saturday, to double the paternity leave from 14 to 28 days, including seven compulsory days, at the end of a debate which divided the right-wing majority. This flagship measure of the Social Security draft budget for 2021 was voted by 341 votes in favor, two against and one abstention.

Voted without modifications compared to the text adopted at first reading by the National Assembly, this measure described as “historic reform” by Secretary of State Adrien Taquet must come into force as of July 1. the latter also said he was “proud and happy” to have carried “to the end” a “strong commitment” of President Emmanuel Macron.

The remaining 25 days will be compensated by Social Security

The three days of birth leave will always be paid by the employer, and the remaining 25 days will be compensated by Social Security. The Senate also rejected (130 votes for, 203 against) an amendment by Chantal Deseyne, co-signed by the leader of senators LR Bruno Retailleau, aimed at reconsidering the compulsory nature of the first seven days of leave.

The Senate is due to complete the examination of the articles of the Social Security financing bill on Saturday and will rule on the entire text on Tuesday.



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