The sensual photo with which Amparo Grisales shows off her body at 64

The renowned Colombian actress Amparo Grisales is known for maintaining a figure of heart attack. This is how he let it be seen in his last publication on his Instagram account where the ‘diva’ posed in a bathing suit at 64 years old.

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“Two weeks ago in the beautiful beaches of Sta. Marta … My first PHOTOSHOOTING … in times of Pandemic … Getting the best of me in adversity …”Grisales wrote next to the photograph. “So that all humanity is healed and we can walk free again through this beautiful place called Earth,” said the actress.


Amparo Grisales insulted a woman who called her “Uribista”

It all started when a user published a tweet in which she criticized the actress for not having as much sympathy with Colombia as her colleague, Margarita Rosa de Francisco.

“Amparo (Grisales) is an Uribe player and that says everything about her… How are you? The vast majority of Colombians love Margarita (Rosa de Francisco) and Amparo they hate her “the woman said on Twitter.

The popular actress, recognized for being a judge on the Canal Caracol program, ‘Yo me llamo’, responded to the user emphasizing that she does not like to be pigeonholed into political tendencies.

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“I am not Uribista! Much less mamerta! I don’t have political surnames! Don’t give your opinion on what you don’t know, you stupid maluca! The love I receive from people fills my heart! “, published the actress.

But this was not the only thing Grisales responded, tempers heated with the closing of the controversial tweet:

“And you, put the opinion on a diet ‘and the rest too! Open up! ”


The comments of the Internet users did not wait and many classified Grisales’s response as a lack of respect. One of the comments from netizens that attracted the most attention was:

“What a disgusting way to answer a person! It doesn’t seem like that to me. That is why I do not believe in these people who talk and talk about the universe, light, karma, dharma, among others. There you can see how they really are. How sad!”.

But of course, the faithful followers of the so-called “Diva de Colombia” came to his defense and, for example, the user @ 8amauricio, tweeted:

“Those people who attack others for their beliefs, convictions or tastes are very pathetic. For me, and by far, Amparo Grisales has been the only diva that Colombia has had ”.

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