world "The serious illnesses often run in two phases"

“The serious illnesses often run in two phases”


Detect infections early: smear center on the exhibition grounds in Heidelberg’s Kirchheim district
Picture: dpa

Hans-Georg Kräusslich, Head of Virology at Heidelberg University Hospital, talks about successful strategies to alleviate the severity of Covid 19 diseases, medical corona taxis and excessive mortality rates.

Professor Kräusslich, the university clinic in Heidelberg, like all other hospitals in the country, has been preparing for the worst for weeks. What can you expect in the next few days?

Joachim Müller-Jung

Editor in the feature section, responsible for the “Nature and Science” department.

At the moment we are seeing a stable number of new infections for a week, possibly a slight decrease in a day or two, but this is not yet certain. In the clinic we recently had more severe courses, since younger holidaymakers are now affected by older people after an initial infection. But at the moment we expect that the capacities at Heidelberg University Hospital should be sufficient, provided that nothing significant changes. In this regard, we are particularly concerned about infections in old people’s homes and nursing homes, and here we have therefore developed a detailed strategy for containment with the authorities.



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