The session lasted 3 hours.. Details of the investigation with Nancy Ajram in her husband’s case

Actress Nancy Ajram surprised her fans on Twitter with a tweet in which she said that she attended the investigation into the case of the murder of the Syrian young man, Muhammad Al-Mousa, in her villa, January 2020 at the hands of her husband, Doctor Fadi Al-Hashem.

Despite the complete confidentiality in which the special session was held, and based on coordination between the court committee and the lawyer of the Al-Hashem family, Mr. Gabi Germanos, the “Nawaem” website revealed that Nancy attended with confidence on the day of the session, which was held last Wednesday, and gave her opinion about what she saw at the time of the accident, and the judge understood all the details and increased the question. The questions that the lawyers and the judiciary think are useful to come out with the final ruling on this case, and more than that, the session lasted for nearly three hours, and Nancy was very satisfied with the answers, and she hopes that this case will end and that each party will obtain his right.

In addition, “Nawaem” indicated that the Lebanese judiciary will try to find out the whole truth and will also give the victim’s family the right to say and demand whatever they want, provided that within two weeks from today a court decision will likely be directed to postpone until the end of the summer judicial holiday in Lebanon. Accordingly, the information on the site pointed out that the postponement will pave the way for Al-Hashem’s lawyer to present more defense and build the expected decision on the testimony of witnesses, including, of course, the testimony of Nancy Ajram, and the work of the defense lawyer for Dr. Al-Hashem is focused on deciding the case that the killing of Al-Mousa comes under the stipulated articles, which are Self-defense,” which, of course, reduces the final judgment or prevents the trial of Al-Hashem.


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