The session will be dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the bertsolaritza

‘Hitzetik Hortzera’ will focus on the journey of the initiative that has filled Pamplona with verses, music and talks on Saturday and Sunday

Friday 27 November 2020, 19:07

This year has been the 30th edition of Bertsoaroak, a cultural month in Pamplona dedicated to bertsolaritza. On this special anniversary, we have put together five voices who have worked on the project in one way or another, from Word to Tooth, to talk about their experiences over the years and the challenges ahead.

On the one hand, they met Ander Perez of the Bertsozale Association of Navarre at the Constable’s Palace in Pamplona; there are several bertsoaro events. On the other hand, Mikel Taberna, who worked as a speaker 30 years ago, and Alaitz Rekondo, who currently works as a speaker, have been brought together at the Navarra School of Theater. They also made an appointment with two young bertsolari; Joanes Illarregi and Sarai Robles.

They will also bring the first verse session of this year’s Bertsoaro. It was a special session; Andoni Egaña and Sebastian Lizaso, who performed 30 years ago, and two young bertsolaris: Joanes Illarregi and Sarai Robles. They will also offer a selection of bertsolaris from the Etxarri-Aranatz festival. The session will be on Saturday at 9pm and Sunday at 3pm.


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