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The SET expects at least 15 companies entering the mai market this year, Market Cap 1.8-2.

by archyde

Mr. Praphan Charoenprawat, Manager of the mai Stock Exchange (mai) revealed that this year, at least 15 companies are expected to be listed on the mai market and have a market cap of 18,000-20,000. million baht. After a total of 8 companies in the past, at present, 12 companies have filed a registration statement for offering securities (filing) to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). which will gradually be listed at the end of this year until the year 66

While in ’66 it is expected that more companies will be listed on the mai market than usual. Because there will be an adjustment to the criteria for registration in the mai market that is effective in 67 that there must be a large set of financial statements for the past 3 years and have a net profit of at least 10 million baht in the last year. more preparation for registration

“The situation in 66 would not be normal because more people would hurry to register. This is because in 67 new criteria will be enforced, which will take longer. Therefore, many people who want to enter will accelerate in the year 67,” said Mr. Praphan.

The Association of Listed Companies mai (maiA) together with the mai Stock Exchange organized the mai FORUM 2022: the 7th mai people-powered event on Friday, October 28, 65, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Meet the company’s executives. Registered mai to talk about opportunities and business growth of companies listed on the mai stock exchange, who attended booths of more than 100 companies and listened to a keynote speech on the topic “Capital Market and the Development of Thai SMEs for Sustainable Growth” from the Permanent Secretary. finance Open your investment perspective with discussion “Investment Direction 2023” from Investment Strategy Analyst of leading securities companies

Mr. Traisorn Vorayankosol, President of the maiA Association, said about the purpose of organizing this event that This is an opportunity for companies listed on the mai stock exchange to introduce their business. products and services to be known to the participants including investor groups entrepreneurs or people who are interested in general And importantly, in line with the association’s mission is to strengthen the business network and create business opportunities for members. and develop companies listed on the mai stock exchange to be a model for SME business in Thailand

Currently, the association has 188 members, Market Cap companies as of 25 Aug. 65 is 560,473 million baht, which the association has many activities to build networks. and develop knowledge in various fields such as IR in Action, CFO development courses. has continued to participate in the SET Social Impact Gym project. with executives participating as volunteer coaches on average 30 people per year to strengthen the Social Enterprise business. Received good cooperation from the mai stock exchange and received support from Siam Commercial Bank Public Company Limited, the official sponsor of mai FORUM for 7 years and the Capital Market Development Fund (CMDF).

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