The seven-day incidence continues to rise

Dhe seven-day incidence has risen again. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Sunday morning, it was 74.1. The previous day the value was 72.1, a week ago it was 54.5. The health authorities in Germany reported 8,416 new corona infections to the RKI within one day. This is evident from the figures that reflect the status of the RKI dashboard at 04.15 a.m. A week ago, the value for Germany was 7050 infections.

According to the new information, 12 deaths were recorded across Germany within 24 hours. There were three deaths a week ago. The RKI has counted 3,932,547 detected infections with Sars-CoV-2 since the beginning of the pandemic. The actual total number is likely to be significantly higher, as many infections are not detected.

The incidence has so far been the basis for many corona restrictions in the pandemic, for example as part of the federal emergency brake that expired at the end of June. In the future, other values ​​such as hospital admissions will also be given greater consideration.

The RKI stated the number of those who had recovered at 3,726,700. The number of people who died with or with a proven infection with Sars-CoV-2 rose to 92,130.

Stricter rules for unvaccinated people planned

For unvaccinated people there could soon be tougher corona rules again. ”If it hits the intensive care units, you have to act. It would be wrong to hold everyone jointly liable, including those who have been vaccinated – that is why there will be different rules for those who have not been vaccinated than for those who have been vaccinated, “says the head of Baden-Württemberg, Thomas Strobl, the newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

The state’s green-led Ministry of Social Affairs has proposed a contact restriction for unvaccinated adults and a ban on visiting restaurants and concerts. The Bavarian Minister of Health also supports the proposals, reports the newspaper. There is criticism from the SPD and FDP.

Patient advocates demand transparency

Patient advocates are calling for a legal obligation for hospitals and care facilities to publish the rate of vaccinated and convalescent staff. “Sick people and those in need of care need transparency in order to be able to assess the risk of infection,” said the board member of the Patient Protection Foundation, Eugen Brysch, of the editorial network in Germany. This is all the more important as there is still no nationwide mandatory daily test for medical and nursing staff.

Brysch pointed out that now in many places only people have access to restaurants or hotels who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or have recovered from the disease (2G rule). “But those in need of care and patients do not even know how high the 2G quota of employees in the nursing home or clinic is,” he criticized. Because there is no compulsory test for staff, not even 3G (vaccinated, recovered, tested) applies in clinics and care facilities.

“That is why the federal government must stipulate an obligation to report on the 2G status of elderly and nursing staff in the Infection Protection Act,” demanded Brysch. The “2G status radar” must then be published on a daily basis on the websites of the services and houses.


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