THE SEX QUESTION – Can we have allergies related to sex?

Can sex cause allergies? This Thursday Catherine Blanc answers the question of Maelys who wonders about the possibility of a sperm allergy. In the health program of Europe 1 “Sans Rendez-vous”, the sexologist and psychiatrist explains to him that this ‘allergy’, like others relating to the intimate sphere, can be the physical manifestation of psychological concerns. She explains in particular that the fear of getting pregnant can cause this type of reaction, which is mainly found in young women who are starting their sexuality.

Maelys’ question

“I’ve heard you can be allergic to semen, is that true? And is it common? Isn’t it very disabling?”

Catherine Blanc’s response

I will not dwell on the physiological part, but this allergy is listed in an extremely rare way. Likewise, we find people allergic to their sweat. There are plenty of phenomena of this type that medicine looks at but it only concerns a small number of people and it is difficult to make a correct diagnosis. In any case, it is an agitated immune system.

What is interesting is that this phenomenon mainly concerns young women at the start of their sexual life. It tells about anxiety over the possibility of fertility. There is some kind of allergy to the other in what he might produce. This most often happens within five minutes of intercourse so it’s also a way of witnessing what just happened, as if the semen was an acid.

We also find the same thing in some men with lubrication. They will immediately wash their hands after touching a woman’s cock, as if their hands could burn. It is a psychic story that resonates in the body.

How to cure such an ‘allergy’?

We are not going to offer more sexual intercourse, or to absorb it, or even to treat by the cutaneous route. We have to work on the psychological level. It is mainly related to the anguish of semen. Because there are two things. First of all, the fear of potential fertility and of being transformed in one’s body. Making love will already pass from little girl to woman and we fear the passage from woman to mother. For some, the fact that there is a condom, beyond being preserved from sperm or STDs, allows them to feel they are protected from the other.

The second possible confusion is that between fertilization and contamination. This is very often found in pregnant women. They develop, especially under the effect of hormones, a number of symptoms as if they were sick. Being pregnant is not an illness, but there is an idea in the psyche that something has transformed us. These two problems can lead to small pathologies that do not stay in the long term.

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