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The shadow power that ERC and JxCAT have designed at the second level of the Government

Pere Aragonès, accompanied by all his Executive.  (EFE)

Pere Aragonès, accompanied by all his Executive. (EFE)

The real Government of Catalonia will be in the shade. After the directors took office, the appointments of the second of the ladder have taken place. Its main mission is to make the Administration work, but also to closely monitor the ‘independents’ of the Pere Aragonès Executive. They are the general secretaries of the ‘conselleries’.

They meet once a week (Wednesdays) and they are the ones who agree with each other the topics that the councilors will take to the weekly meeting of the Government, during the following seven days. At this level, neither ERC nor Junts have put their ‘black foot’ on: all of them are of recognized militancy and blind obedience to partisan orthodoxy. This kind of ‘sottogovernment’ it will be, so to speak, the transmission belt of ERC and Junts, and where they will plant the real battle before the blood reaches the heights.

Elena, Cabrafiga, Masó …

In Interior, which is now under the tutelage of the former socialist Joan Ignasi Elena, the Republican has been incorporated as number two Oriol Amorós, whose name had sounded to be a counselor. Amorós specializes in the relationship with groups and, especially, with those in the field of immigration. But now he will radically change his role and will go on to take care of the Interior gear. A party man, he lost to Alfred Bosch the battle to control Barcelona and to be the mayoral candidate. Even so, he is an inveterate faithful of Esquerra.

In economics, the independent Jaume Giró will have Jordi Cabrafiga as number two. The new general secretary is an old convergent who is under investigation for participating in the organization of the referendum. At the time of these events, he was the chief of staff of the Minister of the Interior, Meritxell Borràs, and then went on to occupy the same position in the Presidency with Meritxell Budó. When Ramon Tremosa took over the Department of Business last September, he took him over as general secretary. In the records made in September 2017, Cabrafiga’s handwritten annotations on the referendum were found, as well as documents classified as confidential on electronic voting and on the registration of Catalans abroad. In court, he acknowledged that he was in charge of supervising the web referendum.cat. Former PDeCAT administrator, the ‘juntero’ leader is also one of the mainstays of the group called Moment Zero, young Taliban from Convergència who assaulted the springs of power during the last decade.

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Marcos Lamelas. Barcelona

“If we see that in six months the State has not moved, perhaps we will have to wait six more months to agree on a referendum, but not a year and a half,” said Canadell

The Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, meanwhile, will have Meritxell MasóUntil now, Secretary General of the Presidency, as second, a person who, like Cabrafiga, had already held the same position in the Interior during the organization of the referendum. Masó is prosecuted for disobedience in the summary that began instructing the court number 13 of Barcelona (now instructed by the National Court), but his name also appears in the summary that instructs the court of instruction number 1 of Barcelona, ​​since there are conversations between him and the secretary general of the Sports, Gerard Figueras, in which they talk about how cash games have to be distributed.

Victoria Alsina, which arrives with the brand also independent (although from the JxCAT fee), will have behind watching it to Lluís Baulenas, whose name had also sounded on occasion to be ‘conseller’. Until now, Baulenas was the second in Culture, a department that ERC has now assumed. The same happens in the Department of Equality and Feminisms, assumed by the independent Tania Verge: the general secretary will be Georgina Oliva, a faithful to Esquerra who had been a deputy and who until now was secretary of Childhood, Adolescence and Youth, in the Ministry of Labor.

The new vice president, Jordi Puigneró, rescued as his second to Ricard Font, a Junts SUV that until now chaired the public company Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC). In this case, the role of the secretary general changes little, since his area encompasses not only digital policies, the specialty of the director, but also infrastructures, a department to which Font was assigned until now.

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Marcos Lamelas. Barcelona

Six of the members of the new Catalan Executive have been trained in the youth groups of the parties, which does not fit in with the technocratic vision that they want to promote in the independence sphere.

Roger Torrent, brand new Minister of Business and Labor, has taken his chief of staff, Oriol Sagrera, as the new secretary general of the council. The squire will have the mission, again, to prepare Torrent’s attacks against his colleagues from Junts, who in his time as president of the Parliament tried to make life impossible for him.

In Education, which continues in Republican hands, the Secretary General will be Patrícia Gomà, until now second of Justice and ex-deputy of Esquerra. In this case, ‘conseller’ and his right hand are aligned both with the party.

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