the shock proposal of British elected officials

Will cigarettes bought in the UK each have a “smoking kills” label? In any case, this is the proposal of the British Labor Party.

Patches, chewing gums, vapors, hypnosis? Smokers who want to stop smoking cigarettes have a plethora of solutions available. To disgust potential nicotine addicts (especially young people), many states including the France put in place dissuasive policies. In addition to the rising price and the famous “smoking kills” (among other health warnings), cigarette packages are now neutral and illustrated with deliberately unpleasant images of bodies bruised by smoking. At UK, elected officials would like to go even further: write the words “smoking kills” on each cigarette.

As relates BFM TV, Wednesday October 20, the Labor Party is at the origin of this shock proposal. MPs have tabled an amendment to a health bill currently before the British Parliament. Objective: remind smokers of the dangers of tobacco each time they put their blonde in their mouth. “We know that cigarettes are carcinogenic sticks and kill half of the people who use them. So I hope that the health warnings on cigarettes will deter people from being tempted to smoke in the first place, especially young people, ”Mary Kelly Foy, the Labor MP behind the decision, told of Guardian. The Labor elected representative would also like cigarette manufacturers to insert prevention messages inside […] Read more

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