The shocking reason why Aracely Arámbula asked not to appear in Luis Miguel, the series

Aracely Arámbula stressed that from the beginning she asked not to be represented in the project (IG: aracelyarambula / lmxlm)

On October 28, the streaming platform Netflix premiered the third and final season of Luis Miguel, the series, a project that told the whole life of “El Sol”, from his childhood to the present, no matter how hard some of the moments lived by the singer.

However, fans of this production questioned the reason why Aracely Arámbula, her partner from 2005 to 2009, did not appear With whom he procreated two children: Miguel, born on January 1, 2007, and Daniel, born on December 18, 2008.

Almost a month after the premiere, the singer and actress revealed the real reason why she decided not to appear in the series. According to the statements consigned by the program Today, assured that it was she, from the beginning, who decided not to be represented, contradicting the words of LuisMi, who would have asked the producers not to place her in the project.

Later he mentioned that the love story they had together was “wonderful”, but had she appeared in the series, surely they would not have portrayed her as she actually happened, as they would only seek to place the best parts of it.

The actress denied the existence of a confidentiality contract with Luis Miguel (Photo: Instagram / @aracelyarambula)
The actress denied the existence of a confidentiality contract with Luis Miguel (Photo: Instagram / @aracelyarambula)

“I made that decision because for a long time I had been asking his people (Luis Miguel), his lawyer, to Please don’t go get our story because I knew they were going to get your life. Our story is an incredibly wonderful story, but they weren’t going to tell it the way it was because they didn’t live it, “he said.

This probable deformation of their love story did not like “La Chule”, because “they had many things to show off” in the life of “El Sol”, besides Those in charge of telling it would be the writers, a situation that bothered her because neither she nor her ex-partner have told it.

Because of this, he preferred to keep it a “secret”, since only the former partner and very close people know her, so he preferred to keep it this way.

“Some writers from this production house were going to tell it. If I do not tell them that story or he does not tell them, it will not be as the story is and they will have touches of what he half knew. But nobody knows it because they are very beautiful things that we and the people very close to us experience, but those people were not going to tell about it. I think it did not correspond. What I asked them is that they do not take that part out because it is a very beautiful part, very valuable for me, for him. So that they took their lives, they had many things to show off, “explained Arámbula.

Arturo Carmona revealed the reason why his relationship with Aracely Arámbula ended (Photo: Special)
Arturo Carmona revealed the reason why his relationship with Aracely Arámbula ended (Photo: Special)

Finally, rejected the version of the existence of an alleged confidentiality contract that he signed with Luis Miguel, which prevented him from having other romantic partners and talking about his life, and assured that it was only a myth built by people and the media.

“That contract does not exist. I have no contract for anything. There is nothing, it is a myth, it is nonsense; There is no contract with me. I am a free person to speak what I want, “said” La Chule. “

This statement was added to the words of Arturo Carmona and the supposedly secret romance he had with Aracely Arámbula due to the alleged restrictions of Luis Miguel. Despite the constant criticism and discomfort they felt about the issue, it was not the reason why they ended their relationship.

According to Carmona’s statements in Fernando Lozano’s program, the actress allowed Luis Miguel to stay in the house he shared with Arturo when the “Sun of Mexico” went to visit his children.


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