The sickness of work skyrockets in Great Britain by the covid

Boris Johnson / AFP

Hospitality and commerce are the sectors that most suffer from the lack of workers

The alarm has been raised in the United Kingdom due to the increasing number of sick leave of people who have been in contact with a positive for covid-19. The application of the National Health System (NHS) “recommended” self-isolation to more than half a million people last week and no one doubts that the electronic ‘ping’ will sound more frequently from Monday 19, when all restrictions will be lifted legal safety distance, social gatherings and mask protection in closed spaces.

The media speak of a “pingdemic” that, according to The Guardian, quarantined 1.6 million individuals last week. The newspaper includes in its estimates students and other groups that were ‘tracked’ with traditional methods and identified as sources of possible contagion. Defense reported that some 5,200 regular and reservist troops were absent from their posts on July 1 due to a positive diagnosis or close contact. These military casualties are equivalent to 3% of the active personnel in an ordinary day.

Hospitality and commerce are the sectors that most suffer from the lack of workers. But the consequences of the extraordinary increase in infections – 51,870 cases were registered yesterday, a new peak since February – and the consequent multiplication in the identification of contacts at risk are also felt in other spheres, from vehicle assembly lines to food production packaging and the health service of some localities. Queues of several hours formed this week at Heathrow as more than a hundred employees took leave to self-isolate.

The Government has ruled out reducing the intensity of the app, which jumps when a person is less than two meters from an infected person for about 15 minutes. Study, however, the option of lifting the quarantine requirement for vaccinated health personnel before August 16, when not all those who have completed the guideline will have to save it. 87.6% of adults have received a dose and 67.5% were fully inoculated by July 15.

Some 1,200 scientists from different parts of the world have criticized Boris Johnson’s Executive for initiating, on Monday, a “dangerous and immoral experiment.” The prime minister has decided to free the economy and society from the restrictive rules of the covid when the incidence of infections exceeds one thousand per hundred thousand in some English regions, hospitalizations grew by 43.4% and confirmed deaths by 57.4% in the last seven days.


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