“The Simpsons” predict Kamala Harris as vice president

The Simpsons they did it again. The series created by Matt Groening became a trend on social media after Kamala Harris was “predicted” as Vice President of the United States.

Users remembered the chapter called “Bart to the Future”, where Lisa Simpson becomes president after Donald Trump. However, this similarity was not the only one, since in the episode Homer’s daughter wears a purple suit, the same that Harris wore during Joe Biden’s investiture ceremony this Wednesday.

In the scene where you are being shown the financial results of the country, Trump and the tremendous crisis after his term in office are mentioned.

This chapter was issued on March 19, 2000 in the United States.

Attack on the Capitol

After the attack on the Capitol in the United States, users reacted and pointed out that this had happened in another chapter of “The Simpsons.”

Users refer, in particular, to two chapters, the first is chapter 18 of the seventh season, entitled “The day the violence died”, where a “protest” is shown on the steps of the Capitol where laws and reforms enter loading bombs, weapons and burning flags.

The other episode is from the special “La Casita del Horror XXXI”, which is a tradition of Halloween. In this chapter you can see “Homer Simpson” on the roof of his house, drinking beer, while carrying a shotgun and everything is on fire around him, what is most striking is that this scene takes place on January 20, 2021 which is the day that Joe Biden will have his inauguration.



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