The Simpsons: Will Season 32 really be the last?

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For 30 years, they have been a welcome guest in jogging through, the chaotic-loveable dwellers of the US town of Springfield from "The Simpsons". In the meantime the simple-minded Homer, his wife Marge and the three children Bart, Lisa and Maggie seem immortal. Now, however, there are signs that the animated series will end after their 32nd season. At any rate, the famous composer Danny Elfman (66), who once wrote the theme song "Simpsons", blabbed in an interview with the news site "Joe".

So Elfman, referring to the series, said: "Well, from what I've heard, it's coming to an end. (…) I can not say for sure, but I've heard it's the last one Year will be. " In any case, this assessment does not seem unrealistic, as the number of viewers in the cult series by Matt Groening (65) recently dropped enormously. The latest news was that the US station FOX has commissioned a 31st and 32nd season. Said 32nd season is currently in production and threatens now for all fans of the yellow family, who lives since 1989 in the Evergreen Terrace, truly the last to be.


"There is no opening on the part of management"

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