The singer Christophe, in intensive care, transferred to Brest

The singer Christophe “is currently hospitalized in intensive care in Brest,” Véronique Bevilacqua, his wife, told AFP in a statement sent on Friday.

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He is still intubated under deep sedation. I ask the press not to disturb the healthcare teams and to respect him and his family, namely his only daughter and myself“Continues Véronique Bevilacqua in this short text.

The composer ofAline or even Blue Words, Daniel Bevilacqua of his real name, 74, had been hospitalized and admitted to intensive care on March 26 in a Parisian hospital because of a “respiratory failure“, According to his show producer. The latter indicated that he did not “Be able to confirm if it has tested positive for Covid-19”. No mention of the virus is made in his wife’s press release.

The announcement of this hospitalization on March 29 had moved the world of entertainment on social networks. “All my best wishes for a speedy recovery“, Posted Michel Polnareff.

Christophe hold on, I beg you. Hold on, I beg you. I love you very much“Wrote singer Keren Ann. Actor Jean-Paul Rouve also tweeted, “Thought for you my friend. Take care. I know you’re going to come back to us even stronger, even funnier” With, in the blink of an eye, a reference to the night owl life of Christophe:and we will have dinner at 11 p.m. when you wake up

Jeanne Mas also tweeted “a loving thought for my friend Christophe” And to add, by quoting the words of a famous song signed by the duo France Gall-Michel Berger: “Resist, follow your heart that insists, fight, sign and persist


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