The singer finally reveals for the first time the man of his life!

If you think you already know everything about Slimane, Objeko you propose yet today to take a closer interest in the people who mean a lot to him. Indeed, if the singer has now become a leading star, he is generally very discreet about anything that directly or indirectly affects his private life. A habit that he breaks in an exceptional way to reveal more about a man who obviously holds a special place in his existence.

Slimane : who is this man very close to him to whom he pays homage?

A meteoric career

Totally unknown he still a few years ago, Slimane can boast of having become almost overnight an essential face of the French musical landscape. All TF1 viewers obviously remember his first appearance in The Voice where he performed the hit masterfully Flower of you from Vitaa. A cover that today has a particular resonance when we know the friendship that now exists between the two artists.

Indeed, since his beginnings in the famous tele-hook of the first channel, Slimane and Vitaa have multiplied collaborations to the point of garnering acclaim from the public, but also from the entire profession. Their album VersuS is indeed one of the best sellers of the last few months with a large number of awards. A joint work which has also raised a large number of questions about the true nature of the relationship between the two singers. Some then wondered if this proximity was not hiding something else. A rumor quickly denied by the two main stakeholders who, as they recall, are only true friends. But it is true that the love situation of Slimane very regularly generates many questions. Very discreet about his private life, he is really not the type to open up neither on his family nor on love in general.

A song response

However, Slimane evokes all these subjects well when he finds himself behind a microphone. If during interviews, he shows great modesty in talking about himself or his feelings, his music is his preferred means of expression when it comes to giving himself up. Moreover, several of his titles are clear proof of this. In one of these parts entitled Yes will be there, the singer pays tribute to his mother by promising her to always be by her side: “Even when the wrinkles on your forehead have decided to stay”. A true declaration of love to the one who gave birth to him and to whom he has remained very close.

But if Slimane agrees to evoke this fusional relationship with his mother in one of these songs, he will also subsequently decide to highlight a man who has also meant a lot to him. A person who obviously played a major role for the artist he has become today. In his song which bears the title Dad hero, Slimane indeed compares his father to a soldier who will have fought all his life so that his children never lack for anything. Words in which he describes a true force of nature, capable of lifting mountains for the well-being of his family.

A grateful son

So here is a song that sounds like a declaration, but also thanks for the education that the young man received. In Slimane, there actually seems to be a deep respect for the one who accompanied him at the beginning of his life to enable him to achieve his dreams. During an interview, the singer also admitted that his parents have always been there for him in all circumstances. They supported him in his choices and in his ambitions to break into music. This is why he made the decision to highlight those who were in fact his first fans.

It seems that Slimane’s parents never doubted his talent and his ability to go very far in life. Moreover, their intuition could not be more correct since today, the career of the singer shows how much they were both right. Therefore, when Slimane evokes the man of his life, his thoughts go directly to towards his father for whom he has a real admiration even if he is not a star. For Slimane, her dad is indeed a real hero for having managed to raise a family in love while facing the difficulties without ever complaining. An education that perhaps explains this humility that emerges from the artist discovered in the show The Voice.

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