The “sinister model daughter” who tried to murder her parents and after failing hired hitmen to kill them in cold blood | News from El Salvador

His disturbing story began when he falsified his grades due to strict upbringing; His story turned disturbing when he spent 10 years of his life planning the twisted plan.

Her life painted with a bright future, her excellent grades and honorable mentions backed her up. However, behind the success that surrounded her was a sinister story.

For her parents Jennifer Pan was always a model daughter. The thought that their little girl had planned to end their lives never crossed their minds.

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The Canadian girl of Asian descent always had an extremely strict life, something that ultimately led her to have a life full of lies and worst of all was that it led her to plan for 10 years the murder of her parents.

Jennifer was never able to socialize and was prohibited from talking to boys to avoid being distracted from her academic background. Her mother Bich Ha and her father Huei Hann Pan would take her to and from school.

His disturbing story began when he dropped out of his studies, but falsified his report cards and even falsified academic awards.

A time bomb

The situation worsened when he arrived at the University. Jennifer presented her parents with a false admission letter. At that time she had met her boyfriend Daniel Wong, with whom she had a relationship secretly from her parents.

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When she had supposedly attended Ryerson University for two years, she changed her plans and again deceived her parents by telling them that she had obtained a scholarship to a Canadian university.

The reality was that Jennifer lived with her boyfriend Daniel and she worked as a waitress and also taught piano.

It was at that point in his life that the lies became untenable. Jennifer began to feel overwhelmed and immediately the macabre idea of ​​killing her parents began to haunt her.

After making up one more story to keep her parents from attending her college graduation, they contacted the alleged friend Jennifer lived with and discovered that they hadn’t been in contact for years.

Bich and Huei forced Jennifer to confess everything, that happened in 2010. So they forced her to quit her job, they took away her cell phone and laptop; And if that wasn’t enough they installed a GPS in his car to have it controlled again. That was the final trigger to implement the bloody plan.

A lethal company

As a cruel joke of fate, after returning to the “regime” of her parents, Jennifer was reunited with Andrew, an old friend who was going through a similar situation. It was his friend who introduced him to the girl who by then was 24 years old, another friend and between the three of them they devised the murder.

The new friend would be in charge of killing Jennifer’s parents, for which she paid him $ 1,500 dollars, but he did not achieve his mission because the young man only swindled her and fled with the money.

This only made Jennifer’s disturbing ideas worse. As time passed, she met again with her ex-boyfriend Daniel, a situation that she took advantage of to carry out her plan because she was convinced that she would not be happy as long as her parents lived.

That was how one fine day Jennifer faked an assault. Some men entered his house on November 8, 2010 and after a signal the thieves, who were more like hitmen, entered and shot them in the head.

Jennifer’s mother died immediately, not her father who managed to leave the house and ask for help. The man was taken to hospital but was induced into a coma. After waking up Huei remembered everything and that was the beginning of the end for her daughter.

Jennifer found herself cornered in police questioning, and eventually ended up confessing everything. In 2014 she was sentenced along with her boyfriend Daniel to life imprisonment, she was 28 years old.


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