The situation in Beirut is escalating, protesters clashed with police

Protesters began gathering in Martyrs’ Square in the center of the Lebanese capital shortly after noon local time. According to Reuters, some of them were holding imitations of gallows and ropes in their hands, with the inscription: “Step back or you’ll be hanging.”

They clashed with police after trying to get through the barricades into the Lebanese parliament building. Police hit them with tear gas, protesters throwing stones and dividers at the heavily-clothed.

Many Lebanese have been protesting against the government since last October. During the demonstrations, they demanded that the entire leadership of the country leave. They attribute it to widespread corruption, which has led Lebanon to a deep economic crisis.

Now that the circumstances of the devastating explosion are becoming clearer, they do not believe that state institutions will come to a true conclusion. Many Lebanese in this context want an international investigation into the incident.

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