“The situation is serious, it is worse than March 18”, warned Prime Minister Alexander De Croo

The epidemiological situation is deteriorating in Belgium, as in many other European countries. To counter the pandemic, the government has decided to toughen up, in particular by imposing the closure of the hospitality industry. Will these measures be sufficient to limit the spread of the coronavirus and avoid saturation of hospitals? “In any case, it is true that the situation is serious. It is worse than March 18, when we decided on confinement, which was practically complete, ”admitted Alexander De Croo questioned by Salima Belabbas.

“If we look at the situation today in intensive care in our hospitals, we have three times as many people in intensive care in hospitals. So the situation in the hospitals is serious. It will continue to deteriorate. We must now do everything so that we can treat all the people who come to our hospitals. It is really necessary that all together, we limit as much as possible all contacts which are unnecessary contacts, ”he continued.

“The measures we take are drastic measures. In fact, we are asking to limit each contact that is not necessary. We are doing it to safeguard the situation in hospitals, but also so that our children can continue to go to school ”, explained the Prime Minister.


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