The six afternoons of Fuente Ymbro in Las Ventas, with Roca Rey as the star

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The cattle ranch of Fuente Ymbro will return to the highest number of positions in the Monumental de las Ventas this season: it will premiere the calendar with a bullfight on March 22 [en el cartel, Plaza, Adame y Fonseca -estos dos últimos esperan ir a tentar próximamente a «Los Romerales»], two more at the fair, two runs in San Isidro and another at the Autumn Fair.

At the moment, the only figure who has been interested in his run is Andrés Roca Rey -if you reach an understanding with the company, his approach is to be three afternoons, with Fuente Ymbro, Victoriano del Río and Parladé-
. “The only one who has gone to see her is José Antonio Campuzano and the mayoral taught her, I am delighted that a bullfighter as great as Roca wants to kill her,” says the farmer, Ricardo Gallardo. And remember the triumph of the Peruvian figure in Pamplona in 2016, in an afternoon with three ears, with a «Soplon» back to the ring. “It was huge,” says Gallardo.

On what to kill their bulls has become a gesture, he says: «I have to compete with the other livestock, they play with the Ronaldo, the Messi … And the audiences are different. But if these cattle farms throw good bulls, I miss them too. And my livestock also likes great bullfighters like Finito, who would surely be glad to kill her and could open a place for Roca ». And he adds: “I have maximum respect for all bullfighters and all farmers, nothing is easy here.”

Regarding the «torista» label, he warns: «There are two things that I do not understand, that of toristas and non-toristas, and that of caste and bravery … Sometimes in livestock farms of those considered” good “when a bad one comes out it is worse than that of one of the “hard” ».

-Look at what happened with Garcigrande in Seville-, I tell him. With a smile, settle the matter. Gallardo does not want controversies and focuses on his livestock. Six runs, thirty-six drinks, wait in Madrid for a farmer who suffers and is excited as an amateur. .


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