News The six essential news of today, Thursday, February 13

The six essential news of today, Thursday, February 13


1.- Strasbourg covers “hot returns” and opens the way for the Government not to repeal them. The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg has given the reason to the Spanish Government to endorse the procedure for hot returns of immigrants trying to cross the border illegally. The ruling, which is final, repeals an earlier decision of the Court in which Spain was condemned. Now the judges of the higher instance consider that Spain did not violate the prohibition of collective expulsions contained in the European Convention on Human Rights or article 13 that includes the right to an effective remedy.

2.- The Mobile contracted with Willis Towers an insurance of more than 100 million but without pandemic coverage. The cancellation of this year’s edition of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) of Barcelona due to the fear of large teleco and technology companies to the coronavirus epidemic now opens a battle between the GSMA, the exhibiting companies and the event insurer to see who assume the cost of that cancellation. According to the “Daily Insurance Bulletin (BDS)”, the broker Willis Towers Watson manages the event policy for more than 100 million euros. Willis Towers Watson placed that policy as a broker in the British market Lloyd’s through reinsurer Miller. However, during its negotiation and subscription, the congress organization, the GSMA, global employer of the mobile industry in which giants such as AT&T, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Orange and NTT Docomo are represented, rejected the offer of the brokerage to include specialized coverage that would protect the fair from an eventual pandemic risk.

3.- Sabina, “stable” after the emergency operation for a stroke. Singer Joaquín Sabina, who yesterday fell off the stage of the Wizink after finishing a song, has been operated urgently at the International Ruber Clinic for an intracranial hematoma and a stroke caused by a severe blow to the head (head injury), according to ABC has been able to know. The surgical intervention has concluded satisfactorily, according to Efe informed his representative from the same hospital. Waiting for an official statement from the hospital, his spokesman has communicated that his condition “was not serious”, that everything has gone “very well” and that the singer, who has had to be operated “by a small clot,” will remain 48 hours under observation.

4.- The IMF endorses the Labor Reform of Rajoy. The labor reform approved by the Popular Party in 2012 improved employment and income equality without “significantly” affecting the poverty risk rate, as evidenced by a study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that has It was published this Thursday. “Employment growth was substantially higher after the 2012 labor reform than the estimated growth if the reform had not been implemented,” says the document, prepared by IMF academics Ara Stepanyan and Jorge Salas. Although the study ensures that in the years after the 2012 reform the Gini coefficient, which measures inequality, was reduced by two percentage points, the IMF says it has not found a “significant impact” of the reform of the PP in the percentage of the population at risk of poverty.

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5.- The improvement of diagnoses triggers ten cases of daily coronavirus in China. When it seemed that the coronavirus epidemic had stabilized in China, an improvement in diagnoses has given a blow to the hope of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In a single day, the province where the disease originated, Hubei, has confirmed this Thursday 14,840 new cases – almost ten times more than Wednesday – and 242 deaths, more than double the previous day. With the majority in this province and its capital, Wuhan, in total there are already about 60,000 cases confirmed so far and 1,368 dead in China, plus one in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines. Discounting those dead and about 6,000 patients who have been cured, right now there are more than 52,500 confirmed cases throughout the country, of which 8,204 are serious. In addition, health authorities have detected another 16,000 suspected cases they are analyzing.

5.- Dolors Bassa and Joaquim Forn may leave prison to work and volunteer.

Dolors Bassa and Joaquim Forn may leave prison to work and volunteer. They are not the first prisoners of “procés” who have already been granted the “semi-freedom” regime. Before them, it was both Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sánchez who agreed to this status. Then, to the former president of Parliament Carmen Forcadell. The 100.2 is proposed by the treatment boards of the prisons -integrated by jurists, psychologists, social educators, doctors and teachers- and the eventual resources are exhausted at the Audience of Barcelona. A rule that the Minister of Justice of the Generalitat, Ester Capella, has stated that “it is foreseeable” that applies to all those convicted by the Supreme Court. .


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