News The six essential news of today, Wednesday, February 26

The six essential news of today, Wednesday, February 26


1.- The Government and the Generalitat agree to meet monthly the dialogue table. The Government of Spain and the Generalitat of Catalonia have agreed to give monthly meetings to the meetings of the dialogue table. The meeting held this afternoon has lasted for about three hours and at the end of it both parties have agreed on a joint statement. According to the agreed text “this first meeting has served to lay the foundations of the dialogue”. addressing some methodological aspects, and to verify “the political nature of the conflict and that it requires a political solution.” Both delegations agree that “the government table is an instrument to convey a solution and, therefore, they have begun to continue working to promote dialogue, negotiation and agreement.”

2.- Ábalos is shielded in 11-M to not talk about the Delcy case and unleashes a new anger in Congress. The “Delcy case” is becoming synonymous with anger in the Congress of Deputies. The plenary session has once again witnessed a hard confrontation between the Minister of Development, José Luis Ábalos, and the popular bench that ended up asking for his resignation once again in the absence of answers to the unknowns that continue to surround the meeting he held. with Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez at the Barajas airport at the end of January. The spark has ignited this time when the socialist minister has tried to get rid of the reproaches of the popular deputy Andrés Lorite by throwing in the face of the popular the informative management they made of the brutal attack of 11-M – initially ensuring that the authorship was of ETA before the proximity of the elections-, and the Yak-42 accident, to finish off accusing Alberto Feijóo of diverting aid to Venezuela to his campaign.

3.- The Government will present before the summer a law to control the rental price. The Minister of Transportation, José Luis Ábalos, announced this Wednesday at the Congress of Deputies that before the summer he will take to the Chamber a law to “allow the control of rental prices where they have suffered disproportionate increases.” This initiative, included in the Government agreement reached by the PSOE and Unidos Podemos, will be based on the official rental price index, which will be available at the end of March. Rent control has been repeatedly rejected by funds and real estate agencies that have entered the market. Despite this, the Executive has maintained its intention to carry out this initiative, which will leave the decision to implement rent controls to communities and municipalities.

4.- Culture cancels Placido Domingo’s performances at the Teatro de la Zarzuela because “it is their duty”. The Ministry of Culture and Sports has decided to cancel the participation of Plácido Domingo in the functions he planned to sing the tenor next May, with which he was celebrating fifty years of his first performance in Madrid. Minister José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes has explained that both he and the director of Inaem (National Institute of the Performing Arts and Music), Amaya de Miguel, have understood that «from the moment he has recognized the facts and has wanted to assume the responsibilities, it was our obligation to give account of all this ».

5.- A 62-year-old man in Seville who was neither in Italy nor in China, the first indigenous case of coronavirus in Spain. The coronavirus, which a week ago seemed somewhat distant from having emerged in China, is already a reality in Spain for a few days. And, from this morning, it is also in Seville, since a patient who was admitted to the Virgen del Rocío hospital has tested positive in Covid-19. This was advanced by ABC de Sevilla, which has now had access to the entire history of this 62-year-old from Huelva who lives in Seville and is now isolated in a hospital room. And, unlike other people who have tested positive or who are showing the symptoms of this disease, this time there has been no direct contact, at least consciously, with people from China or Italy, where there is also an important focus of coronavirus In fact, everything indicated that the disease in question was pneumonia, although since noon he is aware that it is the first case of Covid-19 positive in Andalusia.

6.- Spain increases the risk of coronavirus to “moderate”. The director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, has appeared this morning at the Ministry of Health. Simon has said that the risk in Spain rises to “moderate” although he has insisted that all known cases, until the time of giving the press conference at 12 noon on Wednesday, were imported or related to imported cases. He recalled then the cases in Tenerife, Barcelona, ​​Valencian Community and Madrid. Simon said that at the national level the risk is moderate and, “in some specific area of ​​the country it could be high or very high, although in most of the country it is moderate.” “We understand that they are controlled situations although, obviously, the number of cases in Spain is greater now and this increases the risk of local transmission,” he warned. This same afternoon he has confirmed the first positive of a man who has not been in China or Italy. .


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