The six news you should know today, Friday May 15

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1. The PP of Madrid, indignant: “If we do not go to phase 1, this is going to hell.” The interview held yesterday afternoon by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, and the Minister of the branch of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, left a bad forecast for the regional Executive. Everything indicates that his request to go to phase 1 of de-escalation in the coronavirus crisis will be rejected. A negative feeling that was already running through the political circles yesterday, both by the popular and their Citizen partners and by the opposition. The fact that Barcelona has not requested to leave scenario 0 (although the majority of deaths in recent days is computed by Catalonia) and the latest rebound of those infected play against our region.

2. The Police fear that the demonstrations will spread to other cities and that they will be radicalized. The unauthorized concentrations that are beginning to emerge, at the moment, in different parts of Madrid, are a cause for concern for the Police, who fear not only that they will spread to other cities in Spain, but also that they will be radicalized. The Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Almeida, said he understood the protests, but appealed to the responsibility and added that they must comply with current regulations; the president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, went much further and said she understood that citizens can
go out “freely to demonstrate even for a little while in the afternoon on your own street”
, without further qualifications. From Vox, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros encouraged everyone to demonstrate “wherever they please”, while maintaining “the security distance.”

3. USA alerts of an increase in the hoaxes of Russia and China. In the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, with more than 300,000 deaths worldwide, the United States government denounces an increase in hoaxes in Spanish on the Internet, spread mainly by Russia and China with the support of Iran, Cuba and Venezuela. According to Michael Kozak, head of the Ibero-American portfolio at the US State Department, said on Wednesday, “During the current global health pandemic, we have seen Russia, China, Iran, Cuba, the Maduro regime and others create, disseminate and amplify disinformation and propaganda in the area in order to undermine the efforts of the competent authorities in the region to adequately address the crisis. ” Kozak called this hoax-spreading strategy “cynical.”

4. The concerted party stays out of the distribution of gels and masks, which go directly to the public. Extremadura, Galicia, Andalusia and Murcia have decided to leave out the concerted party from the distribution of protection material such as face masks or hydroalcoholic gels. The latter points out that “the health care materials have not been sent to managers and administrative personnel, since they are companies, and public funds are for personnel and operating expenses,” according to sources from the Ministry of Education. As it is in phase 1 (this includes the opening of the centers for disinfection and administrative and preparatory work for teachers and auxiliary personnel) there are no teachers in the classrooms. But when they arrive (phase 2) they will not be given material if they are from the concerted one either. “They have their own mutual companies and cooperatives, and are within their occupational risk protection plans,” said the same sources.

5. One hundred years without Joselito, father of modern bullfighting. José Gómez Ortega,
Joselito El Gallo
, has been the most important and decisive bullfighter in the history of bullfighting. With all the contributions he made in his time, we can say that he is, without a doubt, the father of modern bullfighting. It is a century since the death of the King of Bullfighters, a visionary inside and outside the bullring: in addition to the exciting rivalry with Belmonte in the Golden Age, he laid the foundations for the livestock team and promoted the monumental squares. He was the first to intuit the change in the trend of public taste towards a
more artistic task
A task that went from being lucky to dominate an intractable bull and be able to kill it, to create the art of fighting. He was the first to try to do some regular bullfighting in the round, which Lagartijo and El Guerra had already started and which would later be followed by Chicuelo and perfected by Manolete.

6. Carlos Sainz, a calm man for Ferrari. The best-known car brand in the world signed the third Spaniard in its history yesterday. Ferrari had already been passed by an aristocrat from the 1950s, the Marquis of Portago, and the number one who shot up the size of Formula 1 in our country, Fernando Alonso. The time has come for an athlete with the opposite profile. Carlos Sainz (25 years old) will drive the red car tattooed with the black rocking horse for two seasons, with a salary of around six million. And he does it loaded with arguments, but without a rock star halo. Sainz is a calm, airless guy, well educated, serene in form, very fast on the track but not reckless, and who has progressed in F1 in an orderly manner, always on the rise, similar to his character. A moderate man but with personality who managed to get rid of a stigma based on kilometers on the circuits: he is no longer the son of, but a Ferrari driver. .

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