The six news you should know today, Monday April 20

1. ABC / GAD3 Barometer: Two out of every three Spaniards demand that the government decree official mourning. This past weekend, Spain overcame the barrier of the 20,000 deaths from coronavirus. A number with names and surnames behind and thousands of families destroyed. The Government, however, refuses to decree national mourning, despite the fact that the main opposition party has been asking it for weeks, out of respect for the dead and as a tribute. The obstinacy of the Executive in rejecting this measure contrasts with the feelings of the majority of citizens. Two thirds of Spaniards are in favor of declaring national mourning, according to the latest ABC / GAD3 barometer. Pablo Casado showed his surprise at Sánchez’s attitude on ABC: «I don’t understand why he refuses to decree official mourning. I saw an image of Bataclán, he in mourning, and 80 people had died, most of them French. Aren’t more than 16,000 Spaniards enough to mourn? »Asked the PP leader a week ago.

2. The Government disavows the chief of staff of the Civil Guard without the opposition creating his version. The daily press conference at the Palacio de la Moncloa proceeded as usual, until a response from General Jose Santiago, Chief of Staff of the Civil Guard, about the fight by the Security Forces against hoaxes, left everyone Ice creams: in the field of the fight against the “fake news”, he said, they work in two directions, “on the one hand, avoiding the social stress caused by these hoaxes, and on the other, minimizing the climate contrary to crisis management by part of the government ». “All these hoaxes,” added the general, “we try to deny through our social networks.” From the general’s literal words, it could be deduced that the Government uses the Civil Guard for its political benefit, and that the Armed Institute has agreed to comply with this illegal order.

3. ABC interviews Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo: “Sánchez must submit to a question of trust and tell the truth.” Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo did not stop before the closing of Congress at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. “A Parliament does not close even in a war,” he warned. After more than a month in a state of alarm, the PP spokeswoman denounces, in this videoconference interview on the full Sunday of confinement, a curtailment of freedoms and an advance towards the «communist social» state. The intense conversation is interrupted for a moment by the sudden appearance of the spokeswoman’s daughters, plagued by a domestic matter. A wreath hangs behind her mother as a memento of her oldest’s recent birthday, in a natural mix of teleworking and family life these days. “There is no more noble, more patriotic and more humane task than finding out why Spain leads the gloomy list of deaths per million inhabitants,” says Álvarez de Toledo.

4. At least 17 dead, including a police officer, and a shooter killed after a shooting in Nova Scotia, Canada. At least 17 people, including a police officer, lost their lives in a shooting in a rural community in eastern Canada that has become the bloodiest shooting in the country’s history, authorities said Sunday. . The Mounted Police indicated that the deceased officer is Heidi Stevenson, who had belonged to that institution for 23 years, and revealed that the suspect in the massacre, identified as Gabriel Wortman, a 51-year-old dental technician, also died. The Superintendent of the Mounted Police in the province of Nova Scotia, Chris Leather, explained during a press conference that the incident began on Saturday night in the town of Portapique, about 1,250 kilometers northeast of Toronto. The

5. The small size of the companies leaves Spain more exposed to the crisis. Spain faces an international economic crisis again with a significant structural defect in its production model: the excessive weight that SMEs and micro-businesses have in the economy, which is the weakest link in the months of turbulence that await. It already happened in 2008, when the housing bubble burst and destroyed 1.5 million companies, mostly SMEs and the self-employed. On average, a company in Spain has 4.7 workers, an amount somewhat higher than the 4 in Italy, but that is below the 5.7 of France, the 11 of the United Kingdom and the 11.7 of Germany. A notch that reduces the productivity and resilience of companies to economic onslaught like the current one.

6. Rosell’s shadow plans on the Barça elections. Josep Maria Bartomeu has remodeled its board of directors when it only takes a year for his term to end and he must call elections. A move by the Barcelona president to unite the governing body in his last months at the helm and get rid of uncomfortable traveling companions. The abrupt departure of Emili Rousaud and the rest of the directors who also decided to resign two weeks ago leave the board orphaned with a continuing candidate who can redirect the battered economic situation. And this is where the figure of Sandro Rosell emerges, whose shadow plans on the next elections despite the fact that the businessman does not want to go to the polls. «I promised my mother that while she is alive she would not introduce me, and I hope that my mother lives 150 years. In addition, you have to know how to turn the page and not linger on the charges … », he explained in an interview with Mundo Deportivo just one year after his release from prison after proving his innocence. .

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