The six news you should know today, Monday May 25

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1. Only one in four Spaniards approves Sánchez’s discharge in the coronavirus crisis. Citizen discomfort at the management of the Government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias in the coronavirus crisis continues to grow as the state of alarm progresses, which has already been in effect for ten weeks. In the weekly ABC / GAD3 barometer, it is observed how the Executive is opening an increasing crack with the majority feeling of the street, and is losing support as this exceptional situation progresses and the economic and social crisis worsens. Sánchez’s performance has only helped him to lose support over the past few weeks. At this time, only one in four Spaniards (26.3 percent) approves of the government to deal with the health crisis. When the state of alarm was decreed, on March 14, the Executive had a backing of 35.1 percent, almost ten points more than now.

2. INE kept the “secret” of 55 dead disappeared. “Her brother died in a car accident many years ago.” This was the news received a few days ago by a Madrid family who had reported the disappearance of their close friend. They had not known anything about him for more than 25 years. The agents who called them told them not only where he had died, in Toledo, a few kilometers from his origins, and how, but also where he was buried. Like them, 54 other families have received the worst news since February, which, of course, ends years of uncertainty and doubt. The answer to these disappearances – all long and with painful stories behind them – was kept by the INE, specifically its death base. Those data had never been crossed with those of the CNDES and thanks to this exchange, which began in February, it has been possible to shed light on these cases.

3. This is how Europe reacts to Sánchez’s plan to save the summer tourist season. More than 40 million of the 82 million tourists that Spain received last year come from the United Kingdom (with more than 18 million), Germany (11.18 million) and France (11.16). The three countries concentrate almost half of the visitors to our country, so a large part of them depends on the Government’s plan for the summer tourist season and thus saving part of the summer for the sector to be a success. The fact that until July no borders are opened and the fourteen-day quarantine continues to apply to the tourists who arrive, is the great obstacle to recovering the pulse of the sector.

4. The business of ozone and other useless and dangerous disinfectants against Covid-19. Ending the Covid-19 has become humanity’s primary goal. While millions are spent searching for an effective treatment and finding a vaccine that ends the nightmare, governments are beginning to slip that, until then at least, we will have to learn to live with the virus. Thus, the widespread use of face masks, exhaustive hand hygiene and social distance are here to stay. Furthermore, the disinfection of public places to reduce contagion has become another of the great battles; a war that many are turning to with the wrong weapons.

5. Iran and Venezuela seal their alliance in a clear challenge to Trump. In a clear challenge to the United States, the fuel sent by Iran has already begun to arrive in Venezuela, where the Nicolás Maduro regime has received it with military honors and thanking the “favor received.” For more than a week, the White House had been warning that the advance to the Caribbean of five cargo ships with 1.5 million barrels of gasoline was a provocation of two sanctioned regimes, against which it would act. Finally, the first ship, the Fortune, arrived in Venezuelan waters on Saturday night. Fighters and patrol boats of the Bolivarian Armed Force went to meet him and escort him.

6. Sevilla enervates the League. On Saturday, the football planet was hugging after the Government confirmed that the League could return from June 8, a great news that supported the plans of Javier Tebas, who always had in mind that the competition would return on Friday 12 ( It also sounds on Thursday 11) of that same month with the monumental derby between Sevilla and Real Betis. Yesterday, however, the alarms went off because of some compromising photos in which you can see four Sevilla players (Ocampos, “Mudo” Vázquez, De Jong and Éver Banega) enjoying a cheerful group meal, some images that Banega’s wife hung on her nets and she immediately withdrew. .


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